Zoho launches Ulaa, a free privacy-focused web browser for Windows, iOS and Android


Ulaa Browser

Built specifically to address growing concerns over online privacy, Zoho has launched Ulaa, a privacy-focused browser that comes with pre-installed tools that can block browser tracking and website tracking.

Ula (a Tamil word meaning travel or journey) offers customization options, built-in browsing modes and integrated productivity tools, ensuring user data stays private. Additionally, users can sync their browsing sessions between devices — a full browser window or a single tab — enabling seamless use of multiple devices in the same browsing session.

Key features of the new browser include:

  • Privacy
    • Ad and data tracking blockers prevent tracking of user data by websites and third-party trackers, as well as block unwanted ads, notifications, and pop-ups. This helps protect users from targeted advertising, identity theft, and other online tracking and monitoring. In contrast, existing browsers use time trackers or idle trackers and feed user information back to the software provider, making it difficult for users to protect their privacy.
    • Ulaa does not track or share user data with any third parties. DNS prefetching is disabled, so data cannot be cached, as well as motion sensors that track mouse movements and clicks.
    • Typically, browser IDs can be used to track users even after they leave the browser. Ula has a multi-identity model, which is frequently renewed, making it impossible to associate a signed user with a browsing session. Adds extra protection from tracking software. Users can enable automatic browser ID reset on every startup for added protection.
    • In addition to personalization, anonymized user data and statistics, geographic data exclusion, end-to-end encryption, and privacy reports, Yula disables the API that allows websites to connect to and communicate with devices connected to a computer network.
  • Modes
    • Flexible Mode Switching — Ula users can switch between five unique modes based on their desired browsing experience, each mode offering a completely different and tailored browsing experience. Dynamic mode switching allows users to ask Ula to open and remember which websites in specific modes. The next time the user visits that website, Ula will be prompted to open the site in the pre-selected mode. The five modes of Ula are as follows:
      • Private mode — This mode can be where users do all their online banking, music or video streaming or transactions. You can view their browsing history, search history, favorite pages and cookie information without having to log in to Ula. This mode enables login to secure user accounts, blocks ads and protects online privacy.
      • Working conditions — automatically pulls apps, websites, and browser extensions that a person uses most for work to be used for specific work tasks. With a strict ad blocker enabled, users are protected from phishing ads, phishing attacks, and more, so they can stay focused and productive.
      • Developer mode — Designed for professional web developers and testers, Ula’s developer mode includes developer tools and suggested extensions in the browser. This mode allows users to ensure that their websites are compatible with different browsers and devices, as well as the ability to test new features and develop cross-platform applications. Developers can inspect currently loaded HTML elements, CSS styles, and JavaScript in developer mode, tracking the properties the page has requested, how long it takes to load, and more.
      • Kids mode — This family-friendly special mode provides a safe online space for kids to browse, learn, play fun games and explore content online. It comes with a native content filter that prevents kids from accessing inappropriate content, as well as parental control features that ensure that parent-identified websites are blocked when using kids mode. Kids-oriented mode offers ad-free entertainment and educational games, apps that encourage creativity and are easy to navigate regardless of age.
      • Open season mode — This mode comes with no privacy restrictions. With ad blockers and tracking blockers disabled, this mode allows access to all websites, including “zero restriction” websites, similar to asking UIaa to be viewed as an average browser. The sharp red feature of this mode serves as a reminder of disabled data protection features and informs the user that they are being monitored online.
  • Productivity
    • Ula comes equipped with tab management options to organize and view all open tabs in one place. Users can easily switch between tabs, close unneeded tabs, or move tabs to another mode or new window.
    • For existing Zoho users, Ula comes with integrated productivity-enhancing apps, including Zia Search and Zoho Notebook that works across all tabs, so users can easily jot down ideas, reminders, or important information. A session of exploration.
    • Ula includes a new, built-in feature that allows users to screen capture a page or part of a page, add annotations to web pages and images, and easily share their edits and notes.
    • All Chrome browser extensions are compatible with Ulaa, and can be installed directly from the Chrome Web Store.

“Many browsers on the market today are not designed to protect user privacy. They are designed to protect each company’s ad-based business models and the spy companies that cater to them, as opposed to protecting users. This creates a conflict between user preferences and browser business models. Zoho’s Chief Evangelist Raju Vejena said.

“With Ula, users don’t have to compromise their privacy to browse the web, which has unfortunately become a minefield of spyware. Zoho’s commitment to privacy and privacy-centric business model allows us to offer a friction-free, privacy-centric browser for people who value their privacy and that of their children.”


The desktop version of the Ula It can be downloaded over here. Beta iOS And Android Versions are now available for download.

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