YouTube Shorts is a low cost opportunity.


YouTube Shorts used the vertical video format pioneered by Snapchat in 2020 and popularized by Tik Tok and Instagram Reels. In the year Following a successful launch in India in late 2020, the shorts rolled out globally in July 2021 and saw rapid growth. Business Insider reports that YouTube shorts will surpass 50 billion daily views in Q1 2023, up from 30 billion last year.

Shorts is a feature of the YouTube platform that allows users to create and watch short mobile-first vertical videos. Shorts are limited to 60 seconds and may include music, text and other creative elements. Shorts competes with TikTok and Instagram Reels, and the user experience is similar. The YouTube app includes shorts in the main bottom navigation, while the website lists shorts on the left. Creating a short is one of the main options when posting from the YouTube app.

Shorts users will see a popular content feed that echoes Reels and TikTok’s “For You” page. Content across all channels, not just the ones you follow, gives brands the opportunity to reach new audiences.

Some brands are using shorts to drive sales.


  • UK fitness clothing brand Gymshark uses shorts to show Exercises (recaptured from TikTok) and engage with prospects.
  • Beauty retailer Sephora shared videos of the shorts. Identified Makeup tutorials and product demonstrations.
  • Walmart uses shorts To promote Current grocery products and drive traffic to your website and app.
  • Beauty retailer Glossier kick off In the Shorts the Glossier Challenge, users can shop directly from the videos.

Introducing shorts

YouTube accounts with 10,000 subscribers can post shorts to YouTube Stories to increase reach. Account holders can promote short videos using the Google Ads platform. The ads appear alongside organic videos in user feeds and can include shoppable links when integrated with the Google Merchant Center product feed.

In March, digital entrepreneur Gary Vainschuk mentioned YouTube Shorts (and LinkedIn and TikTok) as “low focus” channels to expand reach and awareness for brands.

Sample Short Notice

Shorts ads may include shoppable links when integrated with the Google Merchant Center product feed. Click the image to enlarge.

Many social tools, including Feedhive, Oneup, and Socialchamp, support publishing and scheduling YouTube shorts, making the process of repurposing content from TikTok and Reels easy. With the boom on YouTube and the impending ban of Tik Tok, shorts offer marketers vertical video opportunities.

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