Wyoming Biodiversity Database launches new online tool at UW


Map With MarksStarting today (Monday), the Wyoming Natural Diversity Database (WYNDD) at the University of Wyoming will replace two of its most popular online data access tools with a new online tool. WYNDD Data Explorer combines and streamlines the functionality of the two previous tools.

“This new web application allows users to view and download spatial information related to Wyoming’s species and management-threatened habitats,” says WYNDD Information Systems and Services Coordinator Mark Anderson. “Users can perform custom queries to determine which species are likely to be present in their area of ​​interest, and the results can be browsed online or used offline.”

Anderson, who led the team that designed and built the new tool, added that WYNDD strives to be a resource for actionable information on Wyoming’s fauna, flora and important habitats.

“Data Explorer greatly enhances that mission by making more information instantly available to those who need it,” he said.

Data Explorer combines all of Wyoming’s species lists and previous versions of Data Explorer with new options and information, all in one, intuitive web application. Biologists and property managers from companies such as the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, the U.S. Forest Service, the Bureau of Land Management and private environmental consulting firms helped WYNDD test and improve the new app earlier this year, with an initial rollout to key partners in March.

Since then, the first group of users has accessed nearly 800 species data layers and customized species lists.

“We expect the number of data queries and other interactions through Data Explorer to significantly increase the broad reach of the new app,” Anderson said. “Serving the information needs of natural resource managers, developers, and conservationists is our primary mission at UW. We are excited to be able to effectively share this vast and rich data set with so many stakeholders.”

The WYNDD Data Explorer can be found at https://wyndd.org/portal/apps/data_explorer/map.

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