WMNF | The Department of Education votes to ban LGBTQ instruction

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He listens:

The state board of education voted unanimously on a proposal to largely ban the teaching of sexual orientation and gender identity in public schools.

Last year, the legislature and Governor DeSantis approved what critics called the “Don’t Say Like Me” law. Now, the US State Department has passed a similar proposal sponsored by Counselor Paul Burns.

“These rules will continue to ensure that teachers participate in education that is standards-based and appropriate for age and development.” Burns said

During the public comment at the state board of education meeting, most people spoke out against the rule. This includes Jo Saunders of the LGBTQ activist group Equality Florida.

“Like the legislature, the board has not provided any definitions of what instruction on sexual orientation or gender identity means, even as you have extended the impact of this horrible policy to every classroom in the state.”

However, some have spoken in favor, like Jessica Graham of Moms for Liberty.

“This rule takes some of the stress and pressure off our wonderful teachers and allows them to focus on the subjects they are trained to teach. The conversations covered in this rule are not the responsibility of the school or the teacher.”

The state Board of Education unanimously supported the rule change.

Meanwhile, there are bills in the legislature expanding the no less gay law in Florida. If passed, the bills would extend the ban on sexual orientation and gender identity to Pre-K through eighth grade.

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