WMNF | HB 999 cleared the House Education and Employment Committee

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A controversial bill that would make a series of changes to higher education is nearing passage in the Florida legislature. I applied through the House Education and Employment Committee today.

HB 999 would prohibit public colleges and universities from spending money on diversity, equity, and inclusion programs. It would also direct the state’s University System Board of Governors to periodically “significantly review” each school, including its academic programs. But many students, faculty, and others are fiercely opposed to the law.

Democrat Patricia Williams voted against the bill. “If we were listening to the people who voted for us, we wouldn’t be voting on the 999 as of today. Because of all the things that have come back, not one of them has said this is something we want. As we continue down this path, things will get worse before they get better. Florida has become the laughing stock of the world. Because we want everyone to think of that little box and we’re all individuals, we have a history.”

Rights groups worry the bill will tone down speech and impose censorship on universities, including analysis of racism. But Republicans on the committee, like Fabian Bassab, aren’t worried the bill will do that. “We’ve done a lot to do that, to protect our diversity, to celebrate our diversity, and I think the idea of ​​systemic racism lends itself to an opportunity to start addressing systemic entitlement.”

HB 999 cleared this committee by a vote of 14 to 5.

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