Wix unveiled Groundbreaking alongside a suite of AI-powered features set to revolutionize web design.


The upcoming AI Site Generator creates a website complete with text, images and business solutions in seconds.

new york, July 17, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Wix.com Ltd. (NASDAQ: WIX), a leading global SaaS platform for creating, managing and growing an online presence, today announced plans to launch AI Site Generator, with a suite of AI-powered capabilities, many of which are already available to users. These offerings equip Wix users with AI technology that meaningfully streamlines the entire website building, design and management process, providing more automated tools to operate and grow their businesses with unprecedented ease.

“We are fully committed to bringing great user experiences to our users, such as fully integrated AI site generators, to the next evolution of web design,” he said. Avishai Abraham, Founder and CEO of Wix. “These new tools leverage the strength and dedication of our data science team, which has been at the forefront of integrating the power of AI and delivering it directly to Wix users. We’re on the cusp of something truly amazing and we’ll continue our growth. AI technology will be delivered on-the-fly to enable users to grow their businesses and succeed with greater efficiency and innovation than ever before. is it.

Features are coming soon

  • AI site generator Wix is ​​a tool that allows users to express their ideas and instantly generate a professional and unique website. A ready-made website is complete with a home page and all internal pages including text, images and any business solutions stores, bookings, restaurants, events and more. Users can customize the site and edit it according to their needs with integrated AI tools.
  • AI assisted tool to manage your business Recommends improvements to businesses and creates customized strategies based on analytics and site trends. Facilitates day-to-day operations to take business management to the next level.
  • AI page and class creator It allows users to quickly add a new page or section to a website by specifying their needs, and AI generates layout, design and text.
  • Object eraser It allows users to extract and manipulate subjects from images.

Features powered by AI are available
Creating a web:

  • AI text creator It combines Wix’s deep site creation expertise with ChatGPT to give users the ability to generate high-quality, personalized content with custom titles, taglines, and paragraphs for specific website sections.
  • AI template text creator Creates all text for a new website. After choosing a ready-made template and entering a brief description of the page, the tool generates unique text content for the entire site, including the homepage and internal pages.
  • AI Domain Generator It helps users choose the right name for their brand from a variety of unique, attractive and relevant domain name options.



Read more about AI updates from Abraham’s blog for users over here.

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