Why are Vietnamese schools so good?


Vietnam understands the value of education and manages its teachers well. from A report: Their children go through one of the best education systems in the world, which ranks high on international assessments of reading, math and science. The latest data from the World Bank shows that in aggregate learning outcomes, Vietnamese students outperform not only their counterparts in Malaysia and Thailand, but more than six times that of rich countries such as Britain and Canada. In Vietnam itself, student outcomes do not show the most common degree of inequality between genders and regions. A child’s tendency to learn is the result of many factors — many of which begin at home with parents and the environment in which they grow up. But this is not enough to explain Vietnam’s outstanding performance. His special secret is in the classroom: the children learn more at school, especially in the first years.

In the year In 2020, Abhijeet Singh of the Stockholm School of Economics analyzed data from similar tests taken by students in Ethiopia, India, Peru and Vietnam to assess the productivity of Vietnamese schools. It showed that Vietnamese children are running ahead in the period of five to eight years. In Vietnam, one extra year of education increases a child’s chance of solving a simple multiplication problem by 21 percentage points; In India, the height is six points. Vietnam’s schools, unlike other poor countries, have improved over time. According to a 2022 study published by researchers at the Washington, DC-based Center for Global Development, the quality of education in 56 of 87 developing countries has been declining since the 1960s. Vietnam is one of the small minority of countries where schools have consistently bought into this trend.

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