Where science fiction meets reality and predictions for the future of the labor market

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As 2030 approaches, the job market is about to undergo a major facelift, with roles that look like they were taken straight out of a science fiction novel.

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It is difficult to imagine what kind of jobs will be available, since many of them have not yet been invented. With uncertainty looming, talent acquisition teams around the world are wondering, “What will these jobs be?”

The answer is not as far-fetched as it might seem. Many of the roles that will emerge in the future are likely to stem from technologies that are already starting to make waves today. Think drones, autonomous cars, alternative energy, cryptocurrency, and blockchain developments.

What could be some of these new and exciting roles?

Android resource manager: As technology continues to advance, robots are increasingly being used in various industries, including construction. One example of companies that are delving into this technology is Apis Core, a startup specializing in the development of 3D printing robots for concrete structures. With robots being used in 3D printing, assembly line production, and labor intensive tasks, the role of a Robot Resource Manager becomes critical. This position involves sourcing and managing these bots while ensuring they perform efficiently and effectively.

AI Business Development Manager: This job entails leveraging artificial intelligence to help businesses thrive and adapt to a fast-paced market. The role involves identifying areas where AI can be integrated into the company’s operations to enhance productivity and profitability. Rad AIwhich combines artificial intelligence and emotion for marketing purposes, is an example of how artificial intelligence can be used to create more effective marketing campaigns.

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Device builder: According to Crimson Education, there is a shortage of transplantable organs. The demand for replaced organs continues to increase each day, with a new patient being added to the transplant waiting lists approximately every 12 minutes. With advances in technology, scientists are expected to make organs and parts of the body from stem cells and other materials.

Augmented Reality (AR) Flight Creator: AR Journey builders will allow customers to experience almost anything they desire. The position will require a film school degree and experience with massively multiplayer online role-playing games, according to Cognizant’s 21 Future Jobs.

Metaverse scheme: The metaverse will grow LinkedIn’s list of in-demand positions, and one of those roles will be a metaverse planner. Planners will need management experience and an entrepreneurial spirit, and will need a meta-versity education.

Biofilm stabilizer: Biofilms, which are collections of microbial cells attached to wet surfaces, are used in wastewater treatment, oil spill cleanup, and power generation. Biofilm stabilizers They’ll line showers with microbes that attack bathroom mold or provide homes with a garbage-manipulating organism, according to the Canadian Scholarship Trust.

Smart Home Design Director: The homes of the future will be smarter than ever before, and this job will involve bringing advanced technology into homes to make them more efficient and connected. The Design Director will work closely with architects and construction teams to retrofit existing homes and incorporate the latest technology into new buildings. This role will require a deep understanding of AI, robotics and residential architecture to create homes that are not only functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.

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earthquake forecaster: Predicting earthquakes has been the job of the future for at least 50 years. And the acceleration of machine learning applied to seismology in recent years has also accelerated hopes that companies and governments may soon hire forecasters.

Garbage Engineer: These engineers will be responsible for devising innovative ways to recycle waste on a large scale. They will collaborate with manufacturers across various industries, such as apparel, toys and furniture, to find efficient ways to reuse their by-products, thus reducing waste generation.

Temporary Structure Engineer: Architects of temporary structures will deploy 3D printing to create temporary buildings for those in need after natural disasters or armed conflicts. Temporary Structures Engineers will have a background in industrial design and structural engineering.

Algorithm bias checker: Algorithm bias checkers will help ensure that the workforce of the future is also a fair workforce. They will have a background in computer science or data analytics.

Man-machine team manager: The human-machine interface manager role defines tasks, processes, and workflows that can be automated to allow humans and machines to work together, according to Cognizant.

While some of these roles may seem far-fetched, the future is filled with endless possibilities. in 2016, TV program He published an article predicting that 85% of the jobs today’s students could do in 2030 do not yet exist, according to the Institute for the Future. Fast forward to the present, and some of these predictions are already coming true. Jobs like drone operator, social media manager, and cloud computing engineer have become mainstream in just a few years.

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