When Open is Obscure: The Changing Face of Open Source Hardware Companies


Longtime Slashdot reader caseih wrote: A thoughtful post Adafruit Blog Chronicle The challenges facing open source hardware companies, and a growing number of companies including SparkFun, Arduino and Prusa, are increasingly proprietary. In the case of Arduino, they are deliberately trying to make clones out of control. The new Arduino Pro is not open source by any means, and the website has now removed references to being an open source company.

As always, there are subtleties and nuances. In the case of Prusa, Chinese companies are taking Prasa’s designs and source, not only proprietary closed source products, but also patenting designs and algorithms they have taken from open source.
of Original submission It ends with a question. “With Red Hat recently taking a step towards becoming a proprietary software company (working on and working on open source projects) and now these reports, what are the future plans for Slashdotters?

Are open source companies really a failure, especially if overseas companies do not respect or understand the principles of open source development?

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