What does your web address reveal about you?


Two years after opening her own brokerage, Cama Burton is looking to reinvest herself.

During her inaugural year at the helm of CMB Realty Services in Moreno Valley, California, Burton focused on equipping her team of eleven agents with the tools and resources they needed in their business. But now that her company has found its footing, Burton’s sales broker is focusing on herself, “learning how to get help,” she says. “The biggest challenge I have is building the right systems and putting everything in place.”

As she reached out and engaged with her clients on social media and other digital spaces, she realized that there was no central place online to establish and promote her identity as a real estate professional. Burton is a national real estate speaker and trainer, so she needed a place where businesses seeking her services could easily identify her expertise. “I always hear people say, ‘Oh, I Googled you,'” says Burton. “When people see me online, I want them to know I’m a real estate expert.”

So, when she found out she could get it Free .realtor website-Offering members of the National Association of REALTORS® to help market their real estate businesses – seemed like the perfect solution for Burton. A realtor’s web address not only increases brand visibility and improves searchability online, but also conveys a high level of professionalism. After all, REALTORS® have enacted a code of conduct that puts clients’ interests first, provides more reliable housing information through the MLS, and upholds fair housing principles. Consumers and other real estate professionals—an important source of referral business—instantly recognize the REALTOR® name as a trusted brand.

A strong first impression

Burton wanted an alternative to her company’s website, which was primarily prefixed to home searches and transactions and didn’t reflect her individuality as a broker. She was drawn to the realtor’s website’s ability to personalize it. “It’s important for people to see me as a whole person,” she added.

Access to professional and premium website designs find.realtor, Burton chose Premium, which includes a customizable, multi-page layout. “I just wanted something that would make people want to stay on the site,” she said. Burton’s website, kamaburton.realtor, is emphasized on her favorite color and the main shade of her business logo: purple. The site has 10 pages dedicated to a variety of business-specific topics, including county information, featured properties and a home appraisal tool.

To find out who she is as a professional, Burton’s website also features a separate testimonials page and a real estate blog with expert tips and real estate insights. Each page links to Burton’s Instagram accountWhere you can post interesting videos, photos and more home buying content.

“The website lets you know who I am,” she says. Her site has a home search bar that counts as a way for Burton to strengthen the relationship once visitors discover her personality. “Visitors see who I am, and if they trust me enough, they can go ahead and search for properties.”

Referral generator as well

But a .realtor address does more than just help potential clients find you. It will also refer you to other real estate professionals who may want to refer business to someone in your area. That’s the biggest price for Josh Jerman of Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers in Kihei, Hawaii—a market that attracts a wide range of buyers from around the world. German, a 20-year real estate veteran who grew up on the island of Maui, is always looking for opportunities to differentiate himself from the competition. He says traditional marketing strategies and a generic .com address will generate business. But for him, a .realtor domain is a game for more visibility. Using his website, joshjerman.realtoras a tool to market to other brokers and expand the referral network.

German says 20% of his business comes from referrals, and that’s been increasing since launching his realtor website. Agents from all over the country found him online, some reaching out to praise the site and ask for advice. “The real benefit is on the broker’s side,” he says. “I have been recognized by professionals in other markets because of my realtor site. These relationships lead to referral partnerships.

German’s website, which he’s been running for nearly a year, greets visitors with colorful photos that highlight the splendor of Maui real estate: lush beaches, sparkling swimming pools and mountainside views. Similar to Burton, German’s website features client testimonials, bio information and a list of his specialties and expertise. The page ends with a photo gallery of additional images capturing Maui’s natural beauty and residential benefits.

Jerman Another benefit of a .realtor address is quick and easy setup; It took less than two weeks to get the website completely up and running. “I didn’t think it would be so acceptable to take our instructions,” Jerman recalls of working with the supplier during the setup process. “We had all our content and images ready to go, but our customer service and control over the product was fantastic.”

Jerman said he sees other vendors selling websites and domains for $500 to $1,500 per month. “It definitely keeps me from spending money on other sites that are more expensive,” he said.

Ultimately, both German and Burton say it’s the power of their REALTOR® brand. Websites are separate. “The appeal of a realtor’s website is in the name,” says German. “Having a realtor website is a very smart thing to do.”

Burton plans to continue personalizing her website and spreading the word about both NAR web addresses. .Realtor and .Real Estate. “I’m definitely encouraging all of my agents to take advantage of their member benefits and visit the site,” she says.

A .realtor website address, for members of the National Association of REALTORS® and Canadian Real Estate Association only, is free for the first year and $34.95 per year thereafter. The professional website is included free for the life of the web address. Realtor web addresses and websites are also available. Advantages of commercial real estate, Brokers And REALTOR® associations. To understand more, visit find.realtor.

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