Weights and Bias introduces a new set of tools supporting large-scale linguistic modeling operations (LLMOps)


W&B questions are designed to expand measurable test tracking throughout the LLM lifecycle

San Francisco, April 20, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Weight and bias announced a new suite of LLMOP tools that unlock the true potential of LLMS to support agile engineers for greater business impact. The new suite of tools, W&B Prompts, enables machine learning professionals to quickly build modern LLM-based applications and intelligently iterate across the demand chain in real time to find inputs that lead to key insights.

The release of GPT-4 and ChatGPT has sparked interest and investment in LMMs and their potential, and the applications in areas such as search engines, NLP, healthcare, robotics, and code generation are limitless. Despite this, few businesses are using LLMs to work together to solve real, tangible problems. LLM use cases are complex and require domain expertise, fast, continuous iteration, and significant computing resources.

The companies have the world’s most advanced LLMs – including OpenAI, Stability AI and Cohere – on weighting and biasing as a core part of their machine learning workflows. By building on an existing product that supports creating LLMs from scratch and customizing them, the latest LLM-specific enhancements increase productivity and collaboration for ML professionals and agile engineers.

“Weight & Bias is known for helping the world’s most sophisticated organizations build large language models, and by introducing W&B Prompts, we’re opening a new way for businesses to leverage the power of LMMs,” he said. Phil Gurbacki, the product of VP by weight and bias. “No matter how you’re working with LLMs, the Weight and Discrimination platform tracks activity to provide users with the interactive analysis needed for the iterative development of LMMs and LMM-powered applications.”

The W&B Prompts suite of tools extends test monitoring to scale and bias at the class level, and are specifically designed with the needs of prompt engineers in mind. The new features and improvements include:

  • LLM editing tools – Develop a timeline, tracking table, and model architecture to easily review past results, identify and correct errors, collect results about model behavior, and share lessons learned with colleagues.
  • W&B Start OpenAI Evals – A new integrated framework for W&B launch evaluation tasks and an easy, one-click way to evaluate and score directly from the W&B UI with the OpenAI Evals framework
  • Improvements to W&B tables – UX improvements in W&B tables to provide better support for analysis and visualizations for agile engineers working on LLMs.
  • W&B JavaScript – New integration allows users to submit LLM questions directly from their web applications into weighted and biased native JavaScript code.

W&B Prompts is now available to all Weight and Discrimination users. Visit the website know more.

About weight and bias

Weight and Discrimination is the leading developer-first MLOps platform that provides an enterprise-level, end-to-end MLOps workflow to accelerate ML activities. used above 500k Machine learning is part of a new set of best practices from ML experts including teams at OpenAI, Lyft, Blue River Technology and Toyota, Weights & Biases.

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