Utility rate increase, new jobs proposed in Mayor Bynum’s next budget for Tulsa City Council

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Tulsa Mayor JT Bynum is asking the city council to approve a Over $966 million budgetwhich would become the largest in the city’s history.

The plan also calls for an increase in the monthly interest rate of more than $6 for people who live in Tulsa.

Mayor Bynum blames inflation for the decision to raise costs for water, sewage, rainwater and garbage. The city estimates that each household will see an increase of $6.45 per month in the utility rate.

“This is to cover the cost of service for water, sewage, rainwater and garbage,” Bynum said. “There’s nothing else to it other than just covering the cost of the service you’re getting.”

The plan also allows the city to create a mental health coordinator position, which would help connect a person in crisis to all of the different resources available in Tulsa.

“I think there are a lot of nonprofits that are also very eager to get involved in this and are asking us to help coordinate their responses as well,” Bynum said.

When it comes to public safety, the budget calls for paying for new body cameras and vehicle upgrades for first responders. The proposal addresses the shortage of police officers, which is happening in Tulsa and across the country.

To free officers from the office, the plan would create 12 positions to be filled by civilians for positions that do not require the officer’s full training.

There will be two meetings for the public to learn more about the budget and ask questions on May 17 and May 24.

You can click here to read the full proposal.