Updated Social Security website: The 10 most useful tools for 2023


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After visiting the Social Security Administration website (SSA.gov) for the first time, things may look a little different than before. The home page features a new look and new interactive features designed to help users navigate the site more efficiently.

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The updated site contains 10 new useful sites for 2023

  • My social securityHere, users can open My Personal Social Security Account to verify their income, view their Social Security statements, get benefit estimates, and more.
  • Social Security BlogThis is the Social Security news and update center on ssa.gov.
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
  • Pension applicationOne can fill and submit the online application for pension benefits within 15 minutes.
  • Disability applicationOne can apply online for disability benefits.
  • PublicationsVisit SSA’s online publication library (including audio versions of publications) for information on key topics.
  • MedicareHe can sign up for Medicare here.
  • Online servicesUsers can conduct most business transactions with SSA by visiting their online service page.
  • FormsEasily find and fill out our forms.
  • Fraud and fraud prevention and reporting – Learn how to recognize Social Security fraud and scams – and how to report them.

Visitors to the main site can do the following directly from the home page.

  • Check eligibility for benefits: Under the “Prepare” heading, users can click to confirm their eligibility for benefits.
  • Plan for retirement; Also, under the “Prepare” heading, site visitors can click on “Retirement Plans” to estimate how much Social Security benefits they will receive when they apply at different times (between ages 62 and 70). They can also factor in expenses that affect estimates, such as taxes and Medicare.
  • Apply for benefits: With the “Apply” header, visitors can apply for benefits from the home page.
  • Sign up for Medicare. Also, under “Apply,” users can sign up for Medicare. If you are enrolled in Medicare Part A, you can only enroll in Part B.
  • Check the application status: Users can click to check their application status.
  • Decision on appeal: One can click to get the ball rolling on appealing an application decision.

Site visitors can manage their benefits and information directly on the SSA.gov home page. They can click on:

  • Get a confirmation of benefits letter.
  • Get tax form (1099/1042s).
  • Payment.
  • Update Direct Deposit.
  • Return overpaid benefits.
  • Ask to withhold taxes.
  • See Benefits Payment Schedule.

Visitors can also click:

  • Replace the card.
  • First time question no.
  • Report a stolen number.
  • Change name.
  • Update contact information.
  • Update wrong date of birth.
  • Update gender tag.

The site has been modified to prioritize convenience and accessibility for the millions of Americans it serves.

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“SSA.gov is visited by more than 180 million people a year and is one of our most important tools for providing efficient and fair service delivery,” SSA Acting Commissioner Kilo Kijakazi said in a press release. “Whether serving in person or online, our goal is to help people understand who they may be eligible for and move smoothly through the application process.”

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