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of UNEP FI Impact Analysis Tools They are designed for banks, investors and their corporate clients and investment companies. With a unique holistic approach to reflection, UNEP FI’s impact-based paper and the SDGs, and principles for positive impact, these open source tools enable professionals to conduct comprehensive impact analysis and management in their businesses.

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Pi Tool Icons Portfolio Tool V3 of A portfolio impact analysis tool for banks It is designed to guide banks through impact analysis on their portfolios. Developed jointly with the Signatories of the Principles for Responsible Banking and UNEP FI member banks, this tool helps banks analyze the impacts associated with their portfolios. The analysis allows banks to set targets where necessary to enhance their contribution to society’s goals, as required by the principles of responsible banking.
Pi Tool Icon Investment of Investment portfolio impact analysis tool It is designed to enable financial institutions to comprehensively identify and assess the impacts associated with their investment portfolios. It requires users to enter information about the nature, content and context of their portfolios. A set of built-in impact maps combined with this information helps users identify the most significant impact areas in the portfolio and reflect on their current impact performance to form the basis of strategy development and target setting.
Copy Of Copy Of Members Newsletter 1 of Real estate impact analysis tool It is designed to enable financial institutions to identify and evaluate all of the impacts associated with real estate investments and portfolios. There are many uses for such an analysis, including: decision-making and due diligence in asset acquisition situations; Fund/Portfolio Evaluation and Management; Impact target-setting as well as impact and SDG reporting.
Web Details2 of Organizational impact analysis tool It helps banks and investors get a broader view of the impact situation and opportunities of their clients and investment companies. It was developed through a working group of banks, investors and service providers. Following the unique approach of the Positive Impact Initiative, the tool allows users to provide a comprehensive analysis of companies based on the reality of their business activities and the needs of the countries in which they operate.
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