The Yelm Career Fair prepares high school students and the job seekers of the future

City says 7,000 summer jobs are available for Boston youth ages 14 to 18

High school students have a lot on their plate. As graduation approaches, they plan for college, jobs, military service, internships and the occasional chance to sleep in after starting. Community Schools Created a Yelm job fair so students can learn about potential job openings, network with local small businesses, practice interviewing skills and build confidence and introduce themselves to recruiters and future bosses. The event takes place on Tuesday, May 2, from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m The Community Center blames It is open to the public and job seekers of any age.

Yelm Community Schools Job Fair Networking
Jd Fernstrom, Director Of Technical Services For Stihl Northwest, Brings Industry Certifications Earned By Students In Class And Ready To Use On Their Resume To Demonstrate Their Skills And Knowledge Thanks To Yelm Community Schools. Image Courtesy: Yelm Community Schools

Build a talent pipeline at Yelm’s job fair

“Yelm Community Schools appreciate the partnerships we have within the community and thank our partners who are collaborating with us to make the job fair a reality,” said Director of Career and Technical Education (CTE) Terry Mellon. These include The Chamber of CommerceAnd Yalam CityAnd Pacific Mountain WorkSourceAnd ESD 113 STEM Alliance And Career Connect Washington.

These partnerships are designed to build a robust and resilient pipeline of talent within the community. “Schools hear from employers that they want to connect with schools and share job and training opportunities available in their industries,” explains Mellon. Career and Technical Education has many opportunities to develop work-based learning experiences to bridge the gap between education and employment in order to build a talent pipeline. Structured, planned experiences supervised by trained CTE employees are great ways for employers to get started. Also, being part of an advisory panel allows companies to build relationships with instructors and teach course skills in their industry needs. “

Yelm Community Schools Job Fair Practice Interviews
Students participating in the Financial Reality Fair with business professionals. Image courtesy: Yelm Community Schools

Open to all job seekers of any age or experience

Today’s job market can seem like a roller coaster. However, the goal is to make your job search more attractive. The Yelm Career Fair welcomes all students and job seekers, not just those affiliated with the area. There will be over 35 employers on site looking to fill over 500 vacancies in a variety of fields. watermelon compiled a list From employers, job opportunities and type of work to those who plan to attend.

“We’re excited to bring these recruitment events back into our community,” Mellon says. Students can find a summer job or a career related to their personal goals. During their high school experience, students can participate in numerous field trips, guest speakers, and leadership activities that help them explore and build skills to prepare for employment. Job fairs are just another stepping stone in the process and allow employers to provide feedback.”

Yelm Community Schools Job Fair Job Shadowing
The Student Works As A Thurston County Mlsa Secretary For A Meeting Thanks To Partnerships With Local Businesses, Groups, And Organizations. Image Courtesy: Yelm Community Schools

Career and Technical Education is a valuable part of learning

Students at Yelm Community Schools are not expected to master complex job search skills on their own. Melone explains that they are developing their resume as part of Yelm High School and Beyond Plan. The new students then develop a professional and practice portfolio by participating in mock interviews. We are always looking for volunteers subscription And help with the process,” Mellon says.

Companies can also participate in the CTE on-the-job learning programme. Students with a job can receive credit for their work with the support of a trained CTE teacher who acts as a coach and mentor while also supporting employers in developing high quality staff. There are currently about 40 students participating this year and have developed paid internships across the Yelm community to support students looking for work for next year.

On April 26, the third Yelm Community Schools will host a community talk, this time focused on educational resources. Everyone is welcome to the panel discussion, which begins at 5:30 pm. This presentation looks at continuing education resources as well as job opportunities. Panel speakers include representatives from Yalam High SchoolAnd Timberland Regional LibraryAnd Thurston County Chamber work source SPSCC And News Pre-vocational training programme.

Yelm Community Schools Job Fair Freshman
Even If You’Re A Beginner, Resume Building And Mock Interviews Are An Important Part Of Learning In The Yelm Community Schools Program. Image Courtesy: Yelm Community Schools

Employers appreciate CTE for new hires

Danica Ashmore of Washington Department of Children, Youth and Families He says that even though it’s a new government agency, their organization appreciates job fairs like this one. Recruitment events are a way to build real relationships between employers and candidates. They want to show applicants how important government work is and giving back to society. “Younger generations may not immediately consider government work, but if our recruiters have the opportunity to network, we can tell future applicants of the benefits associated with working at DCYF.”

The exhibition is not limited to office jobs only. Antoinette Walker is the School Liaison Officer for School Support Services at Joint Base Louis McCord. Their representatives will be there employees Children and Youth Services of the US Army Cys team. “With a career at CYS, graduates of Yelm High School can develop marketable skills and explore different career paths in child development centers, before and after school age programs, summer camps, youth programs and other settings,” says Walker. Their program is one of the largest employer-sponsored childcare and youth development programs nationwide.

If you know someone who is about to graduate or looking for work, print out a bunch of resumes and head to the Yelm job fair. It’s the perfect place to ask questions, connect, and build a stronger tomorrow.


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