The Washington Post shares SEO and web performance guidelines.


The Washington Post has published a document outlining its internal SEO and web performance best practices that anyone in the news SEO world will want to read.

The document, Web Performance and SEO Best Practices and Guidelines, outlines what the Post calls “proven strategies and guidelines for improving web performance and search engine optimization (SEO).”

SEO and web performance best practices. The post document breaks down all of its guidelines into a checklist consisting of four buckets: On-Page SEO, Content Optimization, Technical SEO, and Off-Page SEO.

The web performance guide focuses on loading, rendering and responsiveness. He also shares some of the tools he uses to track performance – including Lighthouse, WebPageTest, Google Search Console, and Google Analytics.

The purpose of the instructions. The Post would like to confirm that:

  • It provides a positive user experience.
  • Increases website visibility.
  • It drives organic traffic.
  • It improves the overall success of the site.

What are they saying? The document was official announced Today, although the document appears to have been published on May 31, the Post says it is publicly sharing the guidelines and tools to ensure others “have good site practices.”

  • “Since the majority of news consumers today read the news digitally, we identified the need for a web performance and SEO engineering team to build technical solutions that support our journalistic discovery. Without proper SEO and web performance, our stories are not accessible to our readers,” said Arturo Silva, Head of Engineering.

Read the document. Web performance and SEO best practices and guidelines

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