The VWV Board of Education honors military children and their families

Goff Justice announces a $20 million expansion of nursing education programs

CHARLESTON, VA (LOOTPRESS) — The West Virginia Board of Education (WVBE) has welcomed members West Virginia Common Ground Partnership To the meeting today to recognize that April is Military Child Month.

This year, the Partnership, which is made up of 20 organizations, created and An online toolkit to help schools They develop activities to celebrate military families throughout the month. April 19, 2023 is designated Purple Up for Military Children’s Day in West Virginia as part of the nationwide tribute. Schools and districts across the state and country offer special support for military families not just in April but throughout the year. The Common Ground Partnership provides resources for the school system to continue to strengthen these supports. There are more than 6,000 military-related children in West Virginia.

Partnership activities continue to evolve. It has also launched a unique model web tool that offer self-help resources and guidance support for those who are preparing to take Armed Forces Vocational Aptitude Battery (ASVAB). This assessment is used to assess academic and professional skills, but it is also a direct qualification for military enlistment. Military Signature Week April 24-28, 202326 schools in West Virginia signed up to participate, with an additional eight schools hosting festivities on days outside of the designated week.

The Council also welcomed two special guests. And Andrea Trieu, West Virginia Milken School 2022, presented the Milken Obelisk by President Paul Hardesty during the meeting. Despite its sudden announcement last year at the Madison Elementary School (Ohio County) where Treau serves as principal, the award presentation always takes place at a WVBE meeting alongside representatives from the Milken Family Foundation.

“You represent what is good about public education in West Virginia,” said President Hardesty. “You are a community manager, and your family should share you with your school and community. Each of us has schools in our communities that have the same demographics as your school. Therefore, we understand that you may be the only positive reinforcement your children see. They will never forget you, which is why you deserve That’s really an honor.”

“This will definitely be one of the proudest chapters of my life,” Treau said. “It represents the joy of knowing I have been called to a career of serving beautiful and deserving children. I am so proud to be their principal. Our school is Madison Elementary, and is the anchor of the district. It provides a powerful intervention and academic program that sets our children on the path to success. The best gift they receive every day It is the gift of love that makes them feel like they are on top of the world.”

Naudia Ng is also identified as 2023 Arts Alive Award Winner. Her artwork reflects youthful expression and the four fields of fine arts. Each art form is represented by a creatively designed sneaker with a touch of flair. Ng is a freshman at Robert C. Byrd High School (Harrison County) and will also be honored during Arts Alive on April 28, 2023, at the West Virginia Cultural Center in Charleston.

WVBE has placed the following policies on a 30-day comment period.

Policy 2520.2B is being revised to update and align high-quality content standards with mathematics in accordance with W.Va code §18-2-39 related to the College and Career Readiness Initiative. Revisions include aligning grade and course-specific standards to reflect a more reasonable progression for students. This is designed to enhance learning and reduce repetition (among other things). Additionally, the revisions include the addition of House Bill 3055 passed during the last legislative session to create a vocational mathematics class for students in the vocational technical education track.

Policy 5202 specifies requirements for licensing teachers to work in public schools in West Virginia. With changes in education, certification and licensing, and recent legislative changes, policy must be revised to meet the needs of the current education system. When the Continuing Review occurs, Policy 5202 reflects many of these changes including restructuring and formatting changes for the entire policy.

Policy 5901 is being amended to align program eligibility criteria related to educational qualifications of Sections 7.2.a.3 and 12.1 to accept newly approved waivers from the West Virginia Licensure Examination Handbook. The revised policy will allow greater flexibility for admission of candidates into alternative degree programs who meet minimum educational qualifications leading to the initial certificate of teacher.

These policies can be reviewed at WVDE website.

WVBE’s next regular meeting is 9 a.m., Wednesday, May 10, 2023, in Building 6, Suite 600, 1900 Kanawha Boulevard, East, Charleston, West Virginia.