The US government is hiring for many remote jobs with salaries of up to $180,000 per year

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Did you know that work from home jobs are not Just Offered in well-known brands and companies “remote first”? The US government also has a wide range of remote jobs to hire for, and many of these roles pay big money – we’re talking up to $180,000.

There are about 688 federal remote or qualified remote job opportunities in Jobs website, from entry-level to executive positions in all kinds of departments, such as finance, marketing, medical care, research, engineering, and much more.

All US government employees and their families are insured benefits Like a flexible spending account and health, vision, dental, and life insurance plans.

Are you interested in an online commuting life where you don’t have to leave the house? Here are some of the remote jobs the US government is currently opening:


Salary: $116,393 – $183,500

Agency: Treasury Department

Who Should Apply: A financial professional with a passion for flawless accounting and adequate financial planning would perfectly suit a remote Treasury Accountant, also known as a Senior Internal Control Analyst, is best suited.

The department wants to designate someone with an accounting degree or at least four years of accounting experience to monitor and evaluate “the internal controls of departmental offices and offices to support the Department’s compliance with the Federal Administrators’ Financial Integrity Act.”

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Network systems administrator

Salary: $66,250 – $128,064

Agency: the judicial branch

Who should apply: Tech handlers may want to know about this Network Systems Administrator role within the United States Judicial Branch as it does not even require a degree, just a few years of prior experience in specialized systems and sufficient knowledge of computers, software, networking and Microsoft Office 365.

You will be responsible for analyzing and resolving computer system problems, among many other technical support roles.

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Education Research Scientist

Salary: $99,916 – $183,500

Agency: Ministry of Education

Who should apply: Experienced researcher and team leader with previous quantitative research experience and relevant certification that would fit well in this remote role.

You will be responsible for leading “rigorous” educational research and large-scale statistical studies for the US Department of Education to create information that is “useful and available to educators, parents, policymakers, researchers, and the public.”

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civil engineer

Salary: $111,521 – $144,976

Agency: Department of Transport

Who should apply: This DOT Remote Qualified Civil Engineer role wants someone with an Engineering degree and/or experience in related areas such as Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.

This job is responsible for developing and reviewing the infrastructure of the Agency’s rail safety programs, among many other key responsibilities.

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