The tool library celebrates Earth Day 2023.


BUFFALO, NY – Many Western New Yorkers will come together this coming weekend to help the area in honor of Earth Day.

At the Instrument Library at Buffalo’s University Heights neighborhood on Main and West Northrup, sustainability is a big part of their mission year-round.

Come in and say “Don’t Buy! Borrow!” You will immediately see the chalkboard sign.

That is the idea behind the special workshop. For memberships starting at $30 a year, people can borrow everything they need from the library’s inventory of 4,600 items to complete a home or garden.

“Everything from hand tools to pressure washers, weed whackers, lawn mowers,” said CEO and founder Darren Cotton.

However, tool lending is far from the only thing the tool library does to help the planet. Join again Western New York Trash Mob for the Earth Day Cleanup Contest, which runs through April 23rd.

The organization’s Spring Service Days kicks off with a tree care event on Saturday, April 22 at Tyler Street Gardens. Additional service dates will be held every Saturday until the end of May.

There are also several Courage Cafe pop-up events planned for the spring, starting with an Earth Day event at North Park Community School on Saturday, April 22.

Courage Repair Workshops allow people to repair damaged furniture for free to volunteer repairers.

“Our number one and number two items are lights and vacuums, but we also do small appliances, so blenders, blenders, we’ll have several sewing machines in there, so if you have clothes, please bring them in.” Founder and CEO Darren Cotton said.

While it might not be the first thing that comes to mind to help the environment, repairing an old item might not be the first thing that comes to mind, but Dare to Repair Cafes have made a huge impact over the years.

“Since 2017, we’ve repaired over 500 items and diverted about 5,000 pounds from local landfills, so again, these little things can make a big impact,” Cotton said.

Tool library memberships start at $30 per year. You can learn more at The company’s website.

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