The state is on the verge of regaining jobs lost from the pandemic

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Ohio'S Unemployment Rate Fell To 3.8% In March, Matching The Lowest Rate In The Data Going Back To 1976.

Ohio’s unemployment rate fell to 3.8% in March, matching an all-time low, as the state comes close to regaining jobs lost during the early days of the pandemic.

The rate was 3.9% in February and 4% in January, according to Government employment data was released on Friday. The unemployment rate was also 3.9% for four months in 2024.

The rate of 3.8% is the lowest in the data going back to 1976. The last time the rate was this low was from January to March of 2001.

Ohio employers added 10,600 jobs in March, putting the state on the brink of recovering the nearly 900,000 jobs lost in February and March 2020. The state needs about 20,000 more jobs to return.