The Sensory House in Lacey offers tips for enjoying the outdoors while managing sensory stimulation.


Summer brings splashes in swimming pools, roars of laughter at backyard barbecues, the spin of carnival rides, the smell of holiday foods, and evenings outdoors at family and community events. But for neurodivergent people who can sometimes overreact to stimuli, such outdoor activities can be overwhelming. that’s why Sensory House, LLC It offers great tips and helpful tools for enjoying the summer in Lecce, managing stress responses.

Sensory Tool House Outdoors Mental Health Month May
Sensory Tool House Offers A Wide Variety Of Supportive Products And Tools As Part Of The Store’S May Mental Health Awareness Month Display. Photo Credit: Nancy Crier

Sensory Tool House serves the neurodivergent community

“Our biggest goal is to help the community,” said general manager Tahj Malone. It has a Sensory Tool House. Emotionally compatible products And Events as well Education To help keep summer experiences fun and enjoyable for the neurodivergent community.

Neurodivergence covers a wide range, such as autism or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), dyslexia, Tourette syndrome, obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), or other brain characteristics that cause unique differences in mental functioning. “Normal” sensory-friendly products and activities can help the neurodiverse community regulate their responses to stimuli and better enjoy outdoor summer activities.

Sensory Tool House Outdoors Sensory Bubble
Tahj Malone Says It Is Possible To Set Up A Stable Position To Quickly Reverse The Movable Sensor Balloon. Photo Credit: Nancy Crier

Emotionally compatible products that support external emotional regulation

Sensor Toolhouse offers sensory-friendly products to help manage stimuli while keeping the outdoors fun. “We have the Bunge Bounce Swing,” Malone said as one example. “Everyone loves to swing, and the movement does wonders for the vestibular sensory system and control.”

Employees want products that provide multiple ways to respond to sensory system overload. For example, the Bungee Bounce Swing both swings and bounces. “We’re looking for products that help with sensory processing as much as possible,” he says. And when you play such instruments, you develop muscles. “It’s an active game,” he says. “Get outside, have fun and burn calories. That’s very, very important.

Many products can be used both indoors and outdoors. “We take the rain into account,” Malone said. “We have indoor swing stands and swing mounts, and if you have room, you can move the swing inside.”

Sensory Tool House Outdoors Swings
Outdoor Swings Help Release Responses To Overloaded Sensory Systems In The Sensory Toolhouse, In A Fun Way. Photo Credit: Nancy Crier

Ways to control when it’s too hard outside

Malone describes techniques to reduce the overstimulating effects of outdoor activities that are part of enjoying warm weather. These methods help an individual to reach a stable and balanced state.

“There are two ways to get to a ‘stressful’ situation,” he said. “You are not busy and you are not panicking.”

“The first is to completely release the energy,” he says. Examples include giving the person a safe place to “unleash,” such as jumping on a vinyl crash pad or riding on a stuffed animal. There are many routes, and the staff are always available to find the best equipment or activity for you or your loved one.

The second is to find a quiet or calm place or to decompress. “We go the way of losing the senses,” he explains. Examples of these products found in the Sensory Toolhouse include headphones, a compression shirt, a portable sensor foam that acts as a black tent, or a weighted blanket.

He notes that since a person’s sensory preferences can change with the environment, tools that work one day may not help on other days. “It’s a fun challenge if you’re up for it,” he said. Here, we try to minimize that challenge as much as possible.

Sensory Tool House Outdoors Bounce House
The Inflatable Squirrel House/Climbing Cube And The Swing On Sensory Tool House Are Two Products That Help Control Stimuli While Enjoying The Outdoors. Photo Credit: Nancy Crier

Sensory Tool House offers accessories at the Outdoor Lacey Spring Fun Fair

The Sensory Toolhouse will be a community resource at the popular outdoor event. Lacey Spring Fun Fairon the St. Martin’s University campus May 20-21. “The city of Lecce was amazing. says Malone. The City of Lacey is partnering with Sensory Tool House to present an all-inclusive event with Sensory Tool House, giving the community a chance to enjoy a springtime fun fair for all. When adults or children are stimulated in a busy environment, instead of going out, they can come to the Sensory Recovery Room, monitor – reset – re-engage. For 20% or more of our community, this provides access to an otherwise inaccessible event. Sensory Tool House says they are honored to be in the community making a meaningful difference.

Amelia McCurry, Sensory Toolhouse events coordinator and member of the customer service team, said they will also have a booth with a selection of featured products. McCurry added that it will also be open on the first day of the fair if people want to browse sensory-friendly products or use the store’s sensory section to restore their nervous system.

Contact the senses to understand more

Katie McMurray, founder and CEO of Sensory Tool House, is also a board member, volunteer, wife and mother to three neurodivergent children. in addition to, McMurray and her team Providing Teacher professional development, Employer training Neurological differences at work, Sensory room designspeaking, sensory room rentals and other resources to help support the community.

To learn more about what Sensory Tool House has to offer and view the wide variety of sensory-friendly products that facilitate successful outdoor and indoor experiences, visit Sensory Tool House website Or stop into Lacey’s store.

Sensory House, LLC
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