The recruiter says all candidates are asking for remote jobs

City says 7,000 summer jobs are available for Boston youth ages 14 to 18

A recruiter in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, revealed the kinds of questions she hears from potential employees in a viral TikTok posted April 19.

In the video, which has been viewed more than 671,000 times, user Nikki Jazz (@nikkijazzzz) shared a common set of conditions that applicants sought: They want to work from home.

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“I need to be completely away. I’m only considering work-from-home jobs. I’m never going back to the office,” Jazz wrote in a video text overlay as told by potential employees.

Many viewers agreed that applicants are entitled to seek exclusively work-from-home positions, particularly in cases where working in an office may not be possible.

“A lot of people demonize remote jobs, but it makes hiring available when offices can’t accommodate,” user Mariana Figueiredo (@mariannatheshorty) writes.

“Working remotely really allows me to be somewhere where my neurologically disparate self can thrive,” user Rebecca (@beccaloulouuc) shared.

February 2024 study from the Pew Research Center is found That 59% of Americans whose jobs can be done outside the office have worked from home for two years in the COVID-19 pandemic. In addition, 61% of Americans report that it is their decision not to return to traditional workplaces.

Others revealed in the Jazz video that issues like gas prices and commute times kept them from returning to a desk job. One user revealed how he only spends money on gas once a month instead of once a week since he started working from home.

Another said they spent two hours in traffic trying to leave their workplace, stating that it would be the reason they switched to a work-from-home job if possible.

Some users said they prefer a mixed workplace. One explained, “I don’t mind an office if it’s only on my terms.” “One or two days a week and I choose when I come and who is there.”

“I’m fine with the hybrid,” user Mathieu (@electricboltcharge93) writes. “I absolutely love the social aspect of interacting with co-workers.”

The Daily Dot reached out to Jazz via TikTok direct message.


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* First posted: April 21, 2023, 3:31 PM CST

Maya Wray

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Maya Wray