The real reason Tim Cook joined Steve Jobs on the Apple journey: It wasn’t about the money – Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL)

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Tim Cook started working for Apple company AAPL in 1998 before he was successful Steve Jobs as CEO of the company in 2011. The reason he devoted so much of his life to Apple can be traced back to the way Jobs viewed the purpose of his work.

Apples on apples: If it weren’t for Jobs, Cook wouldn’t be where he is today. The trajectory of his life changed because he admired the way Jobs was chasing something much bigger than a successful product or business.

cited Cook said in a recent interview with GQ a company.

At the time, most CEOs were out of touch with the real world, but Jobs was a rare creative genius, he said, adding that he wasn’t just sprinkling “Silicon Valley magic” dust around, but rather in pursuit of something truly bigger.

Jobs is often described as a tough boss and difficult to work with, but he can also be very charming and personable, according to the retired Apple engineer. Stephen Oseary which he described as a “mixed bag” in a recent post.

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One of the things Cook admired most about Jobs was his ability to tune out all the noise and focus on one thing, even if it meant letting other projects go to give “that thing” the attention it needed to be great, which likely suggests he played a big role in helping Jobs and Cook are changing the world by creating products people can’t seem to live without.

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Adjusting everything else and focusing on the endeavors that matter most has been the blueprint for innovation at the Cupertino-based company. This approach was passed on from Jobs to Cook.

Jobs once said that he was as proud of the things Apple didn’t do, as he was of the things it successfully accomplished.

That relentless focus continues at Cook today, and so does that fire to improve the world beyond Apple’s walls.

“The most important thing Apple does is make sure they leave the world better than they found them,” Cook said at an event in 2015.

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