The proposed $4.6 billion ammonia facility will bring hundreds of jobs to St. Rose while reducing Louisiana’s carbon emissions

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street. ROSE, LA (WGNO) — With Louisiana being the magnet for the energy transition, it’s likely that a low-carbon ammonia production and export facility is in the works.

Developer St. Charles Clean Fuels is exploring the possibility of building a $4.6 billion ammonia facility in St. Charles Parish.

The proposed development will create 216 new direct jobs within the facility at an average annual salary of more than $90,000, while creating an estimated 949 new indirect jobs. The company also estimates that the project will result in 2,000 construction jobs at peak.

Outside of the facility’s ultimate economic impact, it will also produce one of the cleanest sources of ammonia in the world, including self-generated hydrogen fuel and capture and sequester more than 90 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions produced during the ammonia manufacturing process.

As city leaders across the state race to reduce their carbon footprint, demand for low-carbon, or “blue” ammonia, is expected to rise in global markets.

St. Governor John Bel Edwards stated that Charles Klein Fuels’ commitment to reducing global levels of greenhouse gas emissions is consistent with the state’s goal of achieving net zero emissions by 2050.

Investors aim to make a final decision on the project in early 2024 and begin construction later that year, prompting operations to begin in 2027.

To ensure the project’s success, the state has prepared a competitive incentive package that will include a $6 million performance-based grant for infrastructure needs as well as a full service LED FastStart, Louisiana’s nationally acclaimed recruiting, customized training and workforce development program.

“We are grateful to St. Charles Clean Fuels for investing in southeastern Louisiana by locating its manufacturing facility there,” said Philip May, president and CEO of St. Charles Clean Fuels. “Not only will capital investments and additional jobs benefit our communities and create opportunities for people in the area, but this project can also advance sustainability goals in Louisiana and within the energy sector. For these reasons, we are very excited to partner with SCCF and meet its energy needs.”

Those interested in working with the facility can register for job notification updates here.

The Proposed $4.6 Billion Ammonia Facility Will Bring Hundreds Of Jobs To St. Rose While Reducing Louisiana's Carbon Emissions 3

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