The Peoria Education Foundation is offering $51,000 scholarships to high school seniors

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The Peoria Education Foundation announced this week that it has awarded $51,000 in scholarships to seniors at Peoria Unified High School this year.

The Foundation awards various scholarships to high school seniors in six categories: Against All Odds,

The Against All Odds Scholarship recognizes Unified High School seniors from Peoria who have overcome adversity and obstacles to successfully complete their graduation requirements and plan to continue their education. The recipients are:

  • McKinley Blanton, Liberty High School
  • Maya Carr, Sunrise Mountain High School
  • Gracelyn Kastler, Liberty High School
  • Mia Machado, Raymond S. Kelis High School
  • Bibi McCarthy, Liberty High School
  • Catherine Maskimin, Centennial High School
  • Marisa Ochoa, Peoria High School
  • Cassandra Pavlov, Liberty High School
  • Arturo Bayan, Cactus High School
  • Adrian Plechta, Ironwood High School
  • Julie Richards, Liberty High School
  • Kayla Starr, Ironwood High School

The Community Service Scholarship recognizes students who demonstrate a strong commitment to society and excel academically. Each student awarded this scholarship has completed more than 100 hours of community service. The recipients are:

  • Andrew Poliakoff, Liberty High School
  • Madison Prismick, Liberty High School
  • Fernanda Salinas, Raymond S
  • Mackenzie West, Sunrise Mountain High School / MET Professional Academy

The Joseph McCord Memorial Scholarship is designed to honor high school students who have a passion for history and who plan to continue their education after high school. The recipients are:

  • Ethan Barnum, Liberty High School / MET Professional Academy
  • Zach Dostra, Ironwood High School
  • Jake Janzen, Sunrise Mountain High School
  • Tian Sweet, Liberty High School

The Dr. Santarelli Leadership Scholarship honors the achievement of high school graduates who have demonstrated leadership excellence throughout their high school career. The recipients are:

  • Allie Backus, Liberty High School
  • Ethan Barnum, Liberty High School / MET Professional Academy
  • Joshua Holiday, Peoria High School
  • Erica Magellan, Ironwood High School
  • Travis Nelson, Centennial High School
  • Mackenzie Nielsen, Sunrise Mountain High School

The Rosella and Hugo Sickinger Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a single female student who demonstrates leadership and poise. The receiver is:

  • Emily Ciola, Liberty High School

Finally, the Project Unify Scholarship & Award is given to exemplary associates and athletes for their participation in the Unified Sports Program on their high school campus.

From Liberty High School

partner – Lydia Botet; Athlete – Kylie Milliman and Conner Davey

from Ironwood High School

partner – Dayanara Duarte; Athletes – Joaquin Angeles and Eduardo Martinez

From Raymond S. Kelis High School

partner – Emma Wraith; Athletes – Youssef Daoud and Danitza Morales

From Sunrise Mountain High School

partner – Angelique Navarro; Athletes – Bruno Bellon and Nicolas Fraule

Scholarship recipients were recognized at a scholarship reception on April 3 at Centennial High School.

Since 1987, Peoria Education has awarded grants to educators in the Peoria Unified School District to enhance the educational experience for students. The institution is an IRS designee 501(c)(3) that provides scholarships to students and grants to educators within the district.