The Michigan Department of Education is investigating the former ELHS director


East Lansing High School On Tuesday, February 24, 2023.

LANSING — A former East Lansing High School principal who resigned after it was discovered he lied on his resume and forged his alma mater transcripts to prove he had a Ph. D. is now the subject of an investigation by the Michigan Department of Education.

Several weeks after Shannon Mayfield resigned on March 10, William DeSisa, a spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Education’s Office of Public and Government Affairs, confirmed that the department had opened an investigation into Mayfield. In general, DiSessa said MDE has the authority to revoke or suspend educational and administrative credentials.

“MDE is looking into the matter involving the former East Lansing High School principal, and is not releasing information about ongoing investigations or personal documents submitted through the application process,” Desisa said in an email.