The manufacturer is planning a million dollar project, “localizing” jobs from Mexico to Michigan

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KALAMAZOO COUNTY, Mich. — A medical device manufacturer has announced plans for “ashore” jobs from Mexico to a facility in Kalamazoo County.

C2Dx Inc. $300,000 for the project from the Michigan Strategic Fund, via the Michigan Economic Development Corporation.

C2Dx manufactures and sells medical devices used in emergency and surgical situations. The company employs 19 Michiganders at its Schoolcraft headquarters in addition to sales staff across the country, the governor’s office said in a news release.

The company plans to relocate and install manufacturing machinery and equipment currently located in Mexico, and bring production into its Michigan facility.

The project’s capital investment is $998,500 and will create 35 high-paying jobs, supported by a $300,000 performance-based grant. Michigan was selected for the project over competing sites in Tennessee and Mexico, in Release.

“C2Dx is excited to be able to continue to bring jobs to Michigan and grow the medical device industry locally,” C2Dx Chief Financial Officer Jennifer Brandt said in the release. “As a rapidly growing company with manufacturing, distribution, customer service, and direct sales, we offer a variety of career opportunities to the community. We are proud to continue to support our customers, patients, and surgeons from Kalamazoo.”

The Southwest Michigan First program provided staff time and resources to support the project.

Southwest Michigan First CEO Jonas Peterson said the organization is excited to see C2Dx acquire a new product line, and grow its innovative portfolio of manufactured medical devices.

Peterson said the investment will deepen Kalamazoo’s “rich life sciences legacy.”

For information about jobs with C2Dx, Visit the company’s website.

“I am excited to see the investments in the Schoolcraft community that will continue to build a thriving economy in Southwest Michigan,” said State Senator Sean McCann, D-Kalamazoo. “This investment will bring C2Dx, Inc. Jobs to its headquarters in Schoolcraft and ensure that our community is competitive in the medical device industry.”

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