The Jefferson High School teacher has been named KSAT12 Teacher of the Month

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San Antonio The KSAT Team is working to shine on local educators, and this month, KSAT and Firstmark Credit Union honored Jefferson High School CTE teacher Todd Owens as KSAT Teacher of the Month.

Aside from teaching criminal justice at Jefferson High School, Mr. Owens’ students tell KSAT that he is a role model, motivator, and always there for them.

“He’s like my dad is our teacher,” said Eliana Contreras, a student at Jefferson High School. “And it shows every single day how much he cares for all of us and how much he loves us, no matter what we’re going through, we can always talk to him and he’s like a shoulder to cry on for all of us. And he’s always there for us and motivates us.”

Owens said his students are a priority.

“My students will tell you that I care about them first and foremost,” Owens said. “(I care about) their well-being, health, mental and physical (health). Relationships are all I care about.”

Mr. Owens’ students say they are proud to see their teacher recognized as Teacher of the Month at KSAT.

“He was really here for us,” said Michael Guzman, a student at Jefferson High School. “And he did so much for this class and so much for everyone, his students. He was really a huge motivator for me and a senior who loves to look at him.”

Despite Owens’ success in the field of education, that wasn’t always the plan.

Owens worked in the United States Border Patrol for three years, but got into an accident and ended up being medically retired.

“I always knew I wanted to be a teacher,” Owens said. “I thought it would be later in life, you know, 40, 50, somewhere along that line, but you know,[there’s]another plan. So, I think it was all intentional because I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s been very rewarding.” very very “.

Students also tell us that they look forward to Mr. Owens’ class because he makes it fun and interesting.

“This is the class I really enjoy coming to every day,” said Contreras.

“Thanks to Mrs. Parker, she always gives me some great equipment to use in such criminal investigations, like the blood splatters from the investigative tools,” Owens said. “And so, we can use different things to bring the real world into the classroom.”

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