The Hallsville ISD Education Foundation Prize League offers 66 scholarships to teachers | News

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Hallsville ISD celebrated greatness in Hallsville schools as part of its Grants to Teachers Purple Pride Patrol program, benefiting 66 teachers across elementary, middle and high school campuses.

After a year of hard work, the Hallsville ISD Education Foundation has raised over $60,000 to give back to the teachers of the Hallsville Schools, plus $4,000 in dual credit course scholarships and $14,000 in an endowment. Officials said this resulted in a total outstanding investment of $80,720.56 in the Hallsville Children’s Education System as part of the 2023 grant process.

“I thought we had a really great day,” said Jackie Vandusen, president of the Education Foundation. “It’s a big effort with a lot of planning, but it’s worth it. We had teachers crying today and we had teachers jumping for joy. The feedback is invaluable.”

Surrounded by cheering band members, fans, staff and students, the Purple Pride Patrol made its way through the halls of each school Wednesday to surprise teachers with big checks to celebrate their work and investment in the schools continuing education. They were even able to present their grants to the teachers of Hallsville East Elementary School in the gymnasium amidst roars of applause from several rows of students who were watching.

“The Pride Patrol is always a great day,” said Beth Godsey, executive director of the Education Foundation. “That’s why we do what we do!”

The Hallsville ISD Education Foundation was formed in 2001 with the goal of finding resources to fund educational projects that would not have been possible through the district’s regular budget. This year’s Purple Pride Patrol continues this tradition of enhancing education in the local area through grant money, scholarships, and increased private support to give back to the district in areas of greatest need.

All Grants to Teachers funds will go back to schools to help provide everything from upgraded equipment, such as computers, tablets, printers, virtual reality headsets and more, to investments in innovative learning solutions, such as The Walking Classroom program, Indi robotics and sensory tools to elevate the experience. educational for all students.

“We work hard to raise money for schools, and then we have fun giving it to our teachers,” VanDusen said. “And we always want to make sure we appreciate all of our amazing sponsors and donors, because we really couldn’t do it without them.”

With annual grants distributed to teachers for the 22nd year in a row, the Education Foundation is eager to continue its work for the benefit of the Hallsville School District. Their main annual fundraising event “Get Rowdy, Get Loud” is currently scheduled for September 23rd at the Pinecrest Country Club.