The EFF now has the Tor Onion.


Today, we’re announcing .onion addresses for and two related projects: CertBot, a tool developed by EFF to automatically obtain and renew TLS certificates for websites, and Spy Self Defense, which provides resources and guidance for individuals. and organizations to protect themselves from surveillance and other security threats.

We are made aware of incidents that indicate censorship. It can happen on some of our resources. By accessing these websites through their Tor .Onion addresses, users can further protect their privacy and security while using another way to access important information.

A Tor onion address is a unique identifier for an encrypted service hosted on the Tor network. The “.onion” top-level domain is followed by a random string of letters and numbers. Unlike traditional websites, where a public IP address is used to locate the server hosting the website, Tor’s hidden services have a unique address on the Tor network that provides end-to-end encryption and anonymity. Tor routes the communication through several “relays”, which can be run by different individuals or organizations around the world. The final “exit relay” is normally connected to An ISP can see that you’re using Tor, but it simply can’t see what sites you’re visiting.

Tor Relay From Computer To Website

Tor Onions are useful by providing an additional layer of protection and obfuscation without having to “exit” a “copy” of your website within the Tor network.

The EFF has long partnered with Tor and supported the project. Therefore, we are happy to host our own resources on the Tor network for people in parts of the world where Internet surveillance increases or improves due to oppressive regimes and laws.

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