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DETROIT, ME /AccessWire/April 17, 2023/ The workplace is changing rapidly, due to changes brought about by the pandemic and the adoption of innovative technology across the economy. Many companies have Learning and Development (L&D) teams to ensure employees are ready for the job. now, 59% of L&D experts Worldwide they say their top priority is helping employees adapt to new technology by upskilling and reskilling.

Amesite, Inc.  Monday, April 17, 2023 Press Release Image

Amesite, Inc. Monday, April 17, 2023 Press Release Image

Even in a pre-pandemic economy, in 2018, employees reported that they were beyond the ordinary To stay with their company if you invest in their career. The majority of CEOs also recognized the role of upskilling and reskilling in closing important skills gaps in their workforce.

This need has taken on new urgency since the COVID pandemic, especially in light of the rapid rise of artificial intelligence (AI) technology such as ChatGPT. The World Economic Forum (WEF) warned that new market needs will change 1 billion jobs By 2030. This is why the World Economic Forum calls for a “reskilling revolution” and stresses that organizations and individuals must take concrete steps to prepare themselves.

However, universities Falling behind the curve When it comes to providing skills improvement opportunities for their students. Collaboration between companies and universities can be a great way to achieve this Stimulate innovation and connect young talent with industry leaders. That’s why an AI-powered learning platform company Amizet Company (NASDAQ:AMST) forges key partnerships with universities to offer refresher and reskilling courses to its students.

Amesite, Inc.  Monday, April 17, 2023 Press Release Image

Amesite, Inc. Monday, April 17, 2023 Press Release Image

Amesite partners with colleges for skills improvement services

evening Recently announced that its alliance with the National Association for Equal Opportunity in Higher Education (NAFEO) has expanded to 12 more colleges and universities, including Benedict College and the University of the District of Columbia. NAFEO is the college membership organization for all historically black colleges and universities (HBCUs) and predominantly black institutions (PBIs).

NAFEO’s member schools now have 700,000 students combined and more than 7 million live alumni. The collaboration with Amesite will serve the NAFEO Center for Opportunity, Excellence, and Equity (COEE), which provides economic mobility support to its members. COEE will deliver its content through a learning management system powered by the state-of-the-art Amesite platform

Amesite is quickly integrating new technology into its platform. The company announced GPT-3 integration in February 2023, then quickly followed by the GPT-4 integration in April. Amesite says customers who reach 10,000 monthly active users are eligible to receive two purpose-built AI-specific features at no additional cost.

Having generative AI capabilities means that Amesite’s service is able to help universities expand their professional education offerings, using technology to serve users at any time of the day or night. Dr. Anne-Marie Sastre, CEO of Amesite commented: “We are very pleased with the new entrants to the alliance, and are thrilled to increase the potential impact we can deliver. By incorporating generative AI technology to complement our proprietary tools, we are enabling our customers to deliver at scale, On the platform, learners can answer questions, get help creating content, and showcase new content, 24/7.”

Amesite has promoted its ability to provide effective workforce training globally through its contract with Amesite EWIE Group of Companies. EGC leadership has been looking to streamline and streamline their upskilling strategy and needed a cutting edge ecosystem that is scalable and provides asynchronous training to their global teams. Amesite’s capabilities and scalability, along with the ability to integrate existing tools, have enabled expert EGC training professionals to join over 50 courses in just 4 days and staff scores are 91%, against a target of 70% for success. Less than a quarter after the courses start.

Amesite also partnered with Central Michigan University in mid-2022 To deliver a comprehensive Enterprise Learning Community Environment (LCE) system. This provides Carnegie Mellon University with Amesite’s industry-leading platform and services to provide its students and alumni with a range of educational programs specifically designed to bridge skills and employability gaps.

Other companies that provide online learning services are coursera company, 2U, And Powerschool Holdings Inc.

Learn more about how Amesite is developing the skills of students and workers for the economy of the future.

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