The Bulls starting QB job has several strong candidates as the open competition continues

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The answer was not revealed during spring training. Nor will it be decided during USF’s spring football game Friday night at Corbett Stadium.

So, everyone’s favorite question – who is the starting quarterback? – will remain a topic at fall training camp as Coach Alex Golesh’s Bulls prepare for their September 2 home opener at Western Kentucky.

“It’s going to be a day-to-day operation,” said Joel Gordon, USF passing game coordinator/quarterbacks coach. “We’re not going to come out of the spring and say, ‘This guy is a foolproof starter and this guy isn’t. ‘” 2. ‘

“It’s going to be a competitive environment from now on. They make each other better. I think they know we’re going to spend the summer the exact same way. Take it to fall camp and catch it when they need to find out. I’m excited to see where this competition goes.”

it is big Jerry Bohannon (6-foot-3, 226 pounds), a Baylor transfer who started the first seven games for the association in 2024 before suffering a season-ending shoulder injury. Bohannon, who completed 57 percent of his passes and rushed for 386 yards (second on the team), was a constant presence during spring training, mentally taking every rep on the field even though he wouldn’t be allowed to throw until later. spring.

He is a preparatory year student Byrom Brown (6-3, 209), who finished fourth in training camp last year before a season-ending defection and injury led him to a lead in the season’s final two games. In a small sample size, he was sensational, passing for 240 yards (starting with 21 consecutive completions in his first career start) and grabbing four Tulsa touchdowns, then rushing for 109 yards and a light touchdown against UCF.

He is a preparatory year student Bryce Archie (6-3, 212), a transfer from Coastal Carolina who has been taking in a slew of reps alongside the Browns this spring and was ranked the 48th best quarterback in the USA at McEachern High School in Powder Springs, Georgia.

‘They’re insanely competitive,’ Gulch said, ‘but they also support each other like crazy. I didn’t realize the room was as close as it gets, especially when you bring in a (Archie) transfer, but they embraced the competition and embraced each other. It’s great to see that.’ ‘

with the veteran Cattravis Marsh (a starter in three games in 2024 and five in his career), and kept away from football due to a neck injury he sustained in an SMU game last season that required surgery. Below are the primary contenders for the Bulls starting job in 2023 spring practice.

Jerry Bohannon (Career 2023)
Quarterback Jerry Bohannon


what might it be?

This past October 15, Bohanon was thriving in a home game against mighty Tulane, completing seven of eight passes for 109 yards and a touchdown, while running for another 33-yard score. In the second quarter, on a routine running play that “I did dozens and dozens and dozens of times,” he suffered a season-ending shoulder injury.

Bohanon had not been able to practice physically all spring—he hopes to soon start throwing football—and was taking “mental reps.”

“Football is tactical, it’s mental, what you see, what the defense offers,” Bohannon said. “It’s understanding the picture you’re getting in and knowing the right answers, what the defense gives you, being aware of the opportunities there are… Where are the weaknesses and how do you take advantage of the weaknesses?”

“Throwing the football is the last piece, the last part. If you don’t know what you’re doing, if the message isn’t there, it won’t matter (how you throw). … Spring ball is mostly in your reps, and I’ve had many, many reps in “My career. It’s mostly mental work for me, getting rid of this attack, watching movies, studying. When (fall) camp comes around, I’ll be ready to go. I don’t think I’ll miss a moment.”

Just like last season, when Bohanon was supportive of his replacements, Cattravis Marsh and Brown, his general attitude in spring ball made a positive impression on his new coaches.

“Jerry literally takes every rep from behind the line, and he gets three times as many reps as anyone else,” Gülish said. “This guy knows how to work and he knows how to prepare.”

Gordon said, “It’s an understatement to say Jerry was such a selfless leader in that room. What makes him so great is that he’s willing to use the experiences he’s had to help these guys. He’s willing to give them everything he knows. It’s not an easy thing as a quarterback because he Like, “Man, do I really want to give away all the answers to the tests?” These talented young men compete with me. Jerry has been beyond what I thought he was going to be. ”

Byrum Brown (Career 2023)
Quarterback Byrom Brown


Brown is still only 18 years old. You will never know. It’s quiet. It is a nice. I collected.

And he is very talented.

“He’s a lad who didn’t play much, but he did a really good job of driving and he also got the right to drive the way he prepared,” said Gulich.

Until last season, when there was no evidence Brown would ever play as a true freshman, coaches and teammates consistently praised his coaching work and maturity. When Brown improbably got his chance, no one was worried. Once on the field, Brown looked the part.

Gordon said, “If you come to practice every day, you’ll see that he’s in control, really level-headed and doesn’t freak out when things fall apart around him.” He finds a way to make good decision after good decision after good decision.

“He cares a lot about football and I think that’s his DNA as a quarterback. He didn’t start overnight. Those are years of playing the position and understanding that focus. He probably was like that if you watched him all through high school..he just keeps going.” to be the way it is.”

In fact, the Browns only had one interception (and five touchdown passes) last season. This spin bounced off the hands of a USF receiver and into the arms of a well-placed defender.

Explaining his priority, Brown said: “Just being able to take care of the ball and knowing that’s what allows you to win. You take that mindset and implement it into your play.It’s just something that was instilled in me as a kid.

This approach — plus the confidence he gained as a starter late in the season in 2024 — gives Brown an excellent opportunity to continue leading USF on the field.

Brown said, “I think this offense suits me well because I like to play fast, get the ball out to the playmakers and let them do the play for you. That’s the quarterback’s job. Get the ball to the playmakers and let them do the work for you.”

“Last season I felt ready and I feel ready now. My parents instilled that willingness in me. When the opportunity comes, don’t be shy about it because opportunities don’t come often. I’m happy that he was able to perform at a good level (in 2024) and I want Maintain this level.”

Bryce Archie (March 2023)
Quarterback Bryce Archie

The new boy

When Golesh was an assistant coach at UCF (2020), he recruited Archie. In fact, Archie made a verbal commitment to the Knights. But when Gulich followed head coach Josh Hubbell to Tennessee, the direction changed for Archie, who chose Coastal Carolina.

After just one season, he traded the teal for the green and gold.

Gulish was the reason.

Archie said: “When I walked into the transfer gate Coach Gulch was the first person I spoke to. I trust him. I committed (a similar offense) in high school, so I feel really comfortable with my decision.

“Coach Gulch is the same person. He really hasn’t changed. He’ll tell you the truth. He’ll tell you what you’re coming for and how he can help you grow as a player. He’s a great guy. I love him.”

Gordon said Archie’s high school experience makes him a great fit for the USF offense. But there is still work to be done.

Gordon said, “If there were three levels in his attack in high school, there’s probably 20 here. Our insult bones are probably what he was really comfortable with in high school. There’s a lot of learning (required) and he’s learned a lot.”

Archie has described himself as a playmaker who can make things happen, whether he’s standing tall in the pocket or running around.

“I think I’m great at expanding the scope of the play,” Archie said.

The first few weeks on Gulch’s offense were “overwhelming,” but Archie has found a more comfort zone that, on a personal level, feels like he’s coping well with USF.

“The moment I arrived, I felt welcome in the center room,” Archie said. Jerry teaches us things with his expertise. I got close to Byrom and would love to hang out with him. So, I feel really comfortable. ”

Archie said this was his first experience working with an in-house facility. A lot could happen before 2026, but Archie also fantasizes about being part of the USF team that can open up the school’s on-campus playground. There are great things to expect. Archie also said the daily grind of soccer in the spring was fun.

“Of course, it’s competition, but in our midroom, it’s more than just siblings,” Archie said.

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