The best high-paying, fast-growing jobs for college graduates, according to Indeed

City says 7,000 summer jobs are available for Boston youth ages 14 to 18

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  • Already used salary information, job demand, work experience, and degree requirements to find the best jobs for graduates.
  • Outside Sales Rep ranked #1 on Indeed’s list.
  • Sales will always be a required job to meet the company’s money-making needs, says career expert Christine Shah.

Outside sales representatives, accounting coordinators, and speech-language pathologists are just three jobs that may appeal to college graduates this graduation season, according to a recent list of actually.

“Job seekers entering the job market face a different economy than before them,” Christine Shah, Indeed’s career expert, told Insider.

“I think we’ve said this in the last few years, it’s different circumstances every year,” Shah added. “So finding the right job or career for an entry-level job seeker is a challenge, especially if you are going through a year of uncertainty. So, I think if you are unsure of the direction you want to take in your first step of your career path, it is important to You start looking for opportunities early and decide which direction you want to take given your educational credentials.”

In fact, compile an up-to-date list of jobs based on those that need relatively little or no work experience, as well as those that typically need a bachelor’s degree or four-year degree. To create the list, I actually analyzed several jobs that had an average starting salary of over $40,000, noted either a bachelor’s degree or a four-year degree in the job description, and required zero to three years of experience. Job demand has also been used, with Indeed telling Insider that “the jobs on this list were determined based on year-over-year growth in the share of jobs posted (September 2024 – February 2024 compared to September 2024 to February 2023),” as well as other requirements.

Outside Sales Representative is ranked at the top of Indeed’s ranked list by percentage change in share of publications. This sales job, according to Indeed, performs sales duties with different clients via face-to-face.

“We found it interesting that the sales were on top,” Shah said. “But we also know that in times of economic uncertainty like the one we’re going through now, the top priority of any company is making money, and sales will always be a required function to meet those needs.”

Behind this type of salesperson on the list was the transportation coordinator.

“As we look at things in the economy and where the jobs lie, I think transportation coordination is No. 2 interesting,” Shah said. “As we look at things like supply chain management, the demand for jobs in this sector is definitely increasing.”

Here are the 10 jobs that topped Indeed’s list, ranked by change in share of job postings. All of the information below was provided to Indeed Insider.