The best combinations of functions and secondary functions in Octopath 2

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Released in February 2023, Octopath Traveler 2 has been long overdue, and is a worthy successor to Octopath Traveler. Like Octopath Traveler, the sequel gives you the option to play with a secondary class, all of which are of varying usefulness and depend largely on your favorite characters and playstyle.

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In fact, a large part of the game changes depending on how you prefer to play and who your favorite characters are. But one thing remains true, no matter who your favorite is: some characters are more suited to a minor job than others. Here are the best secondary jobs for each of the eight travelers.

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8 Agnea – pharmacist and thief

Agnea'S Side Job Options In Octopath Traveler 2 Thief And Apothecary

If you want to make Agnea a great supporting character, pharmacy It is a sure way to success. She allows it Healing and using herbs to buff characters and support them. Her passive ability doesn’t offer as much support for the position as Cassti does, but it could give Agnea a chance to expand her support skills and take down enemies with ease.

the thief The skill, on the other hand, gives Agnea a greater chance of being at the forefront of the battle, give buffs For those who come after her Smash the enemies before they can lend a hand to the rest of the group. Even better is the thief skill, HP ThiefHowever, it allows Agnea to deal damage and heal herself at the same time.

7 Casti – clergyman and inventor

Castti'S Side Job Options In Octopath Traveler 2, Merchant And Inventor

Clergyman The side job is a natural choice for Castie, E.Jxtending its healing powers And giving her the advantage of being able to deal light damage. Cleric’s side job makes Cassti it The perfect healer for any travel group. Inventor’s side job It may sound like a bit of a strange choice, but the truth is that the inventor’s side job is Perfect balance between support and damage.

The hardest part of an inventor’s side job is finding all the materials to access each new skill, but it’s undoubtedly worth it in the end. The changeable catapult ensures that Castti will always be able to deal any form of melee damage. The Elemental Bomb bottle ensures that you can always hit the enemy’s exposed elemental weakness.

6 Hikari – Hunter and Arms Master

Hikari'S Side Job Choices In Octopath Traveler 2, Hunter And Armsmaster

Hikari, understandably, benefits the most when he has access to the most melee weapons. It’s pointless trying to build up his elemental attacks when he thrives while using melee and evasive weapons. Hunter’s side The job works with this skill and increases Hikari’s access to it different weapons So you can get a job as an Armsmaster.

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Armsmaster’s side job Your ultimate goal should be Hikari. This side job provides Hikari with access to skills and weapons that ensure he can take on the toughest bosses in the game without much effort. Once you get your hands on every Armsmaster weapon in the game, Hikari – and, by proxy, the rest of your team – will be nearly unstoppable.

5 Ochette – thief and warrior

Ochette'S Side Job Choices In Octopath 2, Thief And Warrior

Ochette is in a similar boat to Hikari and Throne – you want her speed high, and having more weapons is always a plus. Ochette is Melee damage central character, although it often relies heavily on provocation and capture skills. You should aim to give her more weapons through Side warrior jobespecially if you don’t use Hikari, especially since she excels in weapons.

If you find that you use her Beastling skills often, you can aim to increase her speed with a Side job thiefplacing them at the top of the ranks and making sure you can take down your support monster and give all your teammates a boost before the battle is too long.

4 Oswald – a clergyman and clergyman

Oswald'S Side Job Choices In Octopath Traveler 2 Are Cleric And Arcanist

Clergyman It is the best choice for Oswald because expands his magic. A surprisingly large number of creatures in Octopath Traveler 2 are weak to light magic, so Osvald will always have a soft spot in their weaknesses. Even better, Oswald is a surprisingly accomplished therapist. When combined with his advanced magical skills, Oswald gains access to the heal more ability, which can heal your party to an almost complete extent.

Arcanist is a natural progression for picking the late game, as it gives Oswald access to the light and dark magic, which he cannot reach on his own. The JP cost for these skills is high, at 2,000 JP apiece, but at this point you’ll likely have enough to buy them all from scratch. Arcanist skills strengthen Oswald and the rest of the team while dealing high damage, which causes them to lose power One of the best secondary jobs in the game.

3 Partitio – dancer and pharmacist

Partitio'S Side Job Choices In Octopath Traveler 2, Dancer, And Apothecary

Partitio thrives when in a supporting role and where he doesn’t have to use BP. In that right, the Dancer and Apothecary classes are some of the best he can take. dancer Class allow Partitio To act quickly and donate BP Or buff allies at the beginning of the round. If you don’t want to donate BP, you can start your rounds early with a shield break by having a devastating splash kick at the start.

pharmacy Partitio lets play a role in the background, calming other people’s ailments, Heal your teammatesAnd Revive them As needed and keep it up Donate his BP to your strongest player. This class keeps Partitio strong, so he can’t be knocked out of the game in one fell swoop.

2 Temenos – Seeker and warlock

Temenos Side Job Choices In Octopath Traveler 2, Seeker And Conjurer

researcher The side job seems like a natural choice for Temenos. It gives him access to more magical abilities and ensures that, even if you don’t want the grumpy and generally unsociable Oswald in your party, you can still get access to Analysis skill. even if you were Do Have Oswald in your party, analyze a creature and get everything their weaknesses in one round It guarantees that you will be on the road to success.

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Juggler A class is one you’ll want to master quickly, and you’ll need a lot of JP. Each skill costs 2000 JP, but it’s worth it. All warlock skills deal bonus damage and boost to each member of your party. After each attack, you can deal with some Additional elemental damageor with other skills, you can make sure that Temenos will survive, even when the blow is fatal.

1 Throne – Dancer and Hunter

Throne Side Job Choices In Octopath Traveler 2, Dancer And Hunter

The key to giving Throne the best possible chance is to give her a secondary class that increases her speed and avoidance. In light of this, the Dancer and Hunter classes are perfect for a thief. dancer Throne offers the ability to be more Personality oriented supportand with the devastating kick skill, she can always bring down the shield.

the hunterHowever, Throne grants a wider range of weapons and the ability to do so Unleash multiple attacks Accurate shot skill. No matter what you choose, Throne will always be at the top of the attack order.

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