The AgExplorer career tool is better than ever, helping students explore careers in Ag


FfaAgExplorer websiteAn informative tool designed to help students explore agriculture thanks to extensive updates. Available through FFA, AgExplorer helps students and teachers with features such as career quizzes, information about career focus areas, virtual field trips and classroom tools.

By focusing on personal interests and professional preferences, the site seeks to identify students and match them with the careers they may develop. Megan McGrady, senior education consultant at FFA, said the goal is to have a website that is easy to navigate and engages users.

“The agriculture industry is more than just the farm, and that’s something that not all kids realize,” said Austin Gellings, AMM’s director of agricultural services. Food Comes In” AgExplorer aims to educate students about all careers in the agricultural supply chain while also matching them with careers that suit their future needs.

As the job gap continues to be unfilled, tools like the AgExplorer website can be key to engaging, attracting and retaining the workforce of the future.

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