Texas leads the nation in job growth over the past 12 months | Texas Governor’s Office

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March 24, 2023 | Austin, Texas | press release

Governor Greg Abbott celebrated the strength of the Texas economy and workforce today as new employment data for February shows that Texas leads the nation in jobs added over the course of the month and over the past 12 months, once again setting new historic employment highs. With this new employment data, Texas has had more than 2 million jobs since January 2015.

Governor Abbott said, “Texas is where the American dream lives, where businesses thrive and people thrive. I am proud that more Texans are working than ever before as Texas has added more than 2 million jobs since I took office in 2015. Texas continues to lead “The nation is thanks to our innovative businesses and our strong and growing workforce. But we cannot get complacent. In this session, we will continue to lower property taxes and invest in workforce development, infrastructure upgrades, and strategic economic development tools to build the Texas of tomorrow.”

Seven key tips from today’s employment numbers Texas Workforce Commission and the US Bureau of Labor Statistics:

  • Texas leads the nation for jobs added during the month at 58,200, or nearly one in five jobs added across the country.
  • Texas leads the nation for jobs added over the past 12 months at 611,400.
  • Texas reaches a new record for total jobs at 13,831,900.
  • Texas reaches a new high for Texas work, including the employed and the self-employed, at 14,232,104.
  • Texas has the largest workforce ever in state history at 14,819,440.
  • Texas has added jobs in 33 of the past 34 months, including two full years of continuous monthly job growth.
  • Texas has added 2,027,000 jobs since Governor Abbott took office in January 2015.