Texas education in tatters: Report reveals $104 billion in lost earnings for students | Ash Gorberg

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A new report suggests that eighth graders in Texas have fallen far behind their peers in other states, and could equate to a $104 billion loss in future earnings.


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A recent analysis conducted by him Texas 2036 and the George W. Bush Institute Makes some damning reading on the Texas education system.

The report found that eighth graders lag far behind other students and states, which will have ramifications down the road.

according For the results:

  • 60% of students in Texas between grades 3 and 12 cannot do math for their grade level, and 48% cannot read at their grade level.
  • Only 22% of eighth graders in Texas earn a degree or accreditation within six years of graduation.
  • Approximately 20% of eighth graders do not graduate from a public high school in Texas.

It was found that students from low-income families are the most affected. These results were poor even though spending on education was the largest component of the line Texas budget.

This will also affect people looking for jobs as people move to Texas from other states Hold twice as many bachelor’s degrees Native Texas.

It is clear that the state needs Let’s do more to prepare our children for their future. We need to double down on data-driven reforms to invest in our students and their success,” Margaret Spellings, Texas 2036 President and former US Secretary of Education.

Teacher shortage

A survey last year conducted by the Charles Pate Foundation of Texas teachers found a disturbing statistic- 77% of them look seriously He left the profession in 2022. Part of this is due to lower wages.

According to the Economic Policy Institutewhich advocates fair wages for low- and middle-income workers, and public school teachers in Texas Get paid 21.5% less University graduates in other professions.

The most disturbing thing is thatInflation-adjusted weekly wages For teachers it has remained basically flat since 1996, up just $29 compared to the 2021 numbers.”

Texas Rep. James Tallarico has introduced House Bill 1548, which, if passed, would It would lead to the largest wage increase in history For Texas teachers.

When I was a public school teacher, I struggled to make ends meet. 40% of Texas teachers work a second job. Thousands are leaving the profession to look for work that can pay the bills. Today I am introducing legislation to give every teacher in Texas a $15,000 pay raise.” James Tallarico, Texas State Representative

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What needs to be done to improve the standard of education in Texas? Should teachers be paid more? Are you surprised how poorly performing eighth graders in Texas are? Who is to blame for these results?

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