Surveys indicate that workers may continue to leave their jobs despite having a good salary / The World of Digital Information

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According to the latest Forbes Advisors survey, a good salary is no longer enough to retain employees. Over the past few years, workers have begun to find jobs that not only offer higher salaries, but also come with worker benefits.

The survey was based on responses collected from 2,000 respondents, 1,000 of whom were workers and the other half were managers. The results indicated that forty percent of the workers would resign from their current jobs to get better opportunities in terms of employment benefits.

When respondents were asked about the most important benefits that can be offered to employees, company-covered health care topped the list, with 67% of workers and 68% of recruiters agreeing. Medicare followed life insurance as the second most important compensation package. In third place, the survey had suitable retirement plans. While mandatory paid leave was highlighted by workers as an essential package, the idea was not well received by recruiters.

When asked to highlight key cultural traits, work-life balance ranked first, followed by gaining trust and group companionship in third place.

While highlighting factors that might lead workers to leave their jobs or cause them to look for other jobs, they included a good salary as the main reason, which was soon followed by a better compensation package. The survey scored better chances at number three, with 22% of managers agreeing. The work-from-home policy that was introduced at the time of the Covid-19 pandemic has become an important part of workplaces, and flexibility in it has also been among the reasons an employee might transfer from their current job.

Finally, the four-day work week, though preferred by older workers between the ages of fifty-six and seventy-six percent, was not uncommon among younger people. However, it has become an important factor that may influence workers to leave their jobs.




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