Small business owners are turning to AI for help with daily tasks: Gouda study


TEMPE, Ariz, May 25, 2023 /PRNewswire/ — Small business owners recognize the vast potential of artificial intelligence to help them grow and some are already using it, but many are unsure how to use it, according to new survey results from GoDaddy (NYSE: GDD), a company that helps entrepreneurs thrive.

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The results of a GoDaddy survey of 1,003 US small businesses in late April showed that they need guidance to get the most out of rapidly evolving AI technology. 38% said they had tried generative AI tools – 27% for fun and 11% to support their businesses – leaving 62% who had not tried them yet. More than half of respondents (57%) said they are excited to learn how to use generative AI to improve their business.

Other highlights from the survey findings include:

  • Most small businesses believe that generative AI has the potential to help them perform certain tasks easily so they can focus on running their business.
  • Some of the challenges respondents face in managing their business include attracting new customers, growing revenue, maintaining work-life balance, marketing their business, and finding time to create marketing content for social media and their website or online store.
  • Of the respondents who tried using generative AI for their business, 75% said the tools they used performed very well or well, while only 4% said they performed poorly.
  • 64% of those using AI tools are experimenting with content generation – everything from marketing assistance to crafting blogs. Nearly a third (29%) are using AI to help improve customer service, including getting help formulating responses to customers.

“Small business entrepreneurs are quickly finding that Generative AI is already well-equipped to help them with tasks that are too difficult for them to handle because they don’t have the time or need skills off the wheel.” Gurav Pani“And the best news is that AI tools are producing more effective results every day,” said GoDaddy US Independents President.

GoDaddy’s research found a clear generational gap in the familiarity and use of generative AI.

  • 63% of Gen Z (18-24 year old) respondents have used generative AI for business or personal purposes.
  • Baby Boomers over the age of 55 were less likely to try generative AI; 83% said they haven’t tried it yet.
  • Across all age groups, only 33% are confident they can explain AI to their friend.

“We’re stepping up our role by helping small business owners understand how they can use generative AI today to save time and attract new customers,” said Pani. “GoDaddy’s A quick library of small business generator AI. There are now over 100 completely free, ready-to-use questions entrepreneurs can start using today in tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and Google’s Bard, and we continue to release new AI-powered features every week. As technology continues to evolve, we’re there to support small businesses every step of the way.

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Source: GoDaddy Inc.

Source GoDaddy Inc.


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