Slice® launches a direct-to-consumer website to bring Finger-Friendly® tools to everyone, including DIY, arts and crafts, and everyday slicing needs.


As a safety brand trusted by major industries, Slice is expanding to consumers looking for safe, reliable and ergonomic cutting tools to make their everyday household tasks easier.

Miami, September 7, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Slice®, the brand known for its award-winning cutting tools, has launched a new direct-to-consumer website to bring safe and effective cutting tools to families around the country. Long-trusted by companies including Boeing, General Electric and Tesla, cutting tools have reduced ankle and blade-related injuries in several major industries with the brand’s Finger-Friendly® blade technology. Now, Slice tools can be ordered directly from the brand’s website for everyday slicing needs, from box packaging of various sizes to arts and crafts, DIY home projects, food prep and more.

Driven by consumer demand, Slice offers a range of award-winning safety cutters that meet a variety of everyday needs through its new website. Shredders can be used for many household shredding tasks, such as opening online orders and packaging junk food, tackling home renovation projects, or breaking down cardboard boxes for recycling. Slice also offers products for outdoor adventurers to use on their next outing, as well as tools that all artists, from kids to professionals, can use to create their next amazing piece of art.

Because Slice’s proprietary Finger-Friendly® blade technology has a smaller initial cutting zone, their unique blade shape provides a safer alternative to traditional steel blades. The cutting blades are designed to cut everything but the user and the smaller cutting zone also reduces the risk of cutting the contents of the packages.

“I’ve been overwhelmed by the positive reviews not only from our major business partners, but also from consumers who purchase our products through Amazon. We’ve seen a strong demand for safe, effective and easy-to-use cutting tools for consumers at home,” said TJ Skimmon, Founder and CEO of Slice. The launch of the shopping experience marks the next step in allowing more people to access the tools they need.”

In a line of more than 50 tools, the best-selling products include pieces Box cutter, Safety cut, EDC folding knife And Small cutter. In addition to being able to purchase these products individually, Slice is also offering discount bundles on their website that include products suitable for different use cases. of Moving bundle With a box cutter, safety cutter and mini cutter, it makes moving day easier than ever. Kitchen roll Help tackle a meal prep or get ready for your next cocktail party with large scissors, safety cutters and mini cutters. Other packages include Anger pack pack, Recycling aid package, Recycling Pro Bundle, Comfort package, Best Sellers Pack, DIY kids and craft pack, Artist’s bundleAnd DIY home kit.

The packs and all piece cutters feature proprietary Finger-Friendly® surfaces that are not only safe, but built to last. The cutting blades are made from 100% zirconium oxide, which means the blade will never dull and lasts 11.2x longer than traditional steel blades. For added comfort, slicers have a blunt design and use a shorter cutting edge so the blade doesn’t damage the contents of the package.

On the new website, customers can access Slice’s library of tools based on use case to find the right tool for the job, including helpful articles on topics including blade safety and Slice’s unique technology and materials.

For more information about Slice and how to buy slice cutting equipment, visit

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Slice reinvents cutting tools every day, making them safer and easier to use. Knives continues to innovate the tool market with new safety knives. The extensive product line utilizes a proprietary manufacturing process that creates a first-of-its-kind, high-performance, Finger-Friendly® blade that serves as a compelling safety cutting solution for consumers. Slice quickly gained brand recognition in the U.S. and internationally in the commercial and consumer markets. Slice is owned by Safety Products Global, America’s leading provider of safety cutting solutions for over 70 years. The company has a proven track record in introducing innovative security cutting solutions to customers backed by their engineering and manufacturing capabilities. Learn more at And on Instagram, FacebookOr YouTube.

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