Shopify’s Winter ’23 edition introduces 100+ product updates that will keep merchants on top


New releases include the next version of the Store app, a new one-page checkout, and up to 25% better SFN merchants redeeming the Store Pledge badge.

Although business is always evolving, one thing is true: those who stay on top will win. That’s why Shopify continues to build and ship tools that are built to last, but keep our merchants ahead of the curve and give them an unfair advantage.

In Shopify’s Winter ’23 edition, we’re showcasing more than 100 product improvements that do just that, including an out-of-the-box Shop app mobile strategy for merchants, a new One-Page Checkout, and Checkout customization. , and Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN) enhancements with a shopper-friendly store pledge badge for up to 25% better conversions. These new products come alongside major releases from across the Shopify platform over the last six months, including Shopify Markets Pro, POS Go and Shopify Collabs.

“It wasn’t even a year ago that we launched our first issue, and now our Winter ’23 issue features over a hundred products and features we’ve built in just the last six months,” said Harley Finkelstein, President, Shopify. “We need to be the world’s fastest-moving commerce company because our merchants depend on Shopify’s innovation for their longevity. So with this release, we’ve moved quickly to deliver tools that help merchants make the promise of mobile commerce, seamless checkout and fast delivery that meet customer needs and change for the better.” —is the best version of Shopify yet and will shape the future of entrepreneurship.”

Meet the new store: from shopping assistant to out-of-the-box mobile strategy

Additional functions for the store app to help merchants win in the mobile commerce era

In the year Since its launch in 2020, Shopify has evolved from an expedited checkout and order tracking tool to become an essential part of how merchants find and engage buyers. With 100 million users and 10 million shoppers using Shop every month, it’s clear that mobile commerce is booming. So we’re introducing new functionality to the store that gives merchants the tools they need for an out-of-the-box mobile strategy. New for the Winter ’23 edition includes:

Shop Minis: Calling all developers to help us build the next era of mobile commerce

Shop Minis Allow Developers To Extend Their Shopify App Into A Store.

Shop Minis allow developers to extend their Shopify app into a store.

We’re expanding the Shopify ecosystem to give developers a new way to build for mobile. of Buy a mini The Software Development Kit (SDK) allows developers to extend Shopify app functionality into the store, creating new in-app shopping experiences.

Shopify creates what most merchants need most of the time, and for everything else, we encourage our ecosystem of developers to build for our merchants. For the first time and now available in Early Access, we’re opening up that functionality to the Store app, allowing developers to build mobile commerce for the future.

Store Customization: Encourage merchants to build brand presence on the store app

We have seen Store improvements Products added to carts in the Shop app lead to up to a 15% increase. So we’re giving merchants a proprietary mobile experience without the complexity of building from scratch. Merchants now have new ways to enhance their storefronts, such as product collections, best sellers, reviews and brand names, and partner features like the new Shop Minis for greater customer engagement.

Buy Money Campaigns: Unlocking a New Customer Acquisition Strategy for Marketers

Buy money campaigns Shopify Plus is a first-of-its-kind paid-for-sales customer acquisition channel that merchants use to engage high-impact consumers. Here’s how it works: Shoppers earn Store Cash every time they use Store Pay. And now, with Shop Cash campaigns, Shopify Plus merchants can target these shoppers with special offers and discounts. Merchants only pay when a customer makes a purchase, and their cost-per-acquisition (CPA) never exceeds predetermined criteria. Early access to store cashback campaigns, merchants saw up to a 43% increase in new customer growth.

In-Store Login: Increase conversions and reach over 100 million in-store users with in-store powered login features.

Enter the store It helps merchants easily identify high-value shoppers earlier in the purchase journey, streamlines touchpoints with in-store apps and in-store checkout, helping to increase conversions by 8%. Other store-powered features that help merchants increase conversions include:

  • Password keysWhen checking into a store with Apple and Android devices, shoppers can use biometric passcodes — a face or fingerprint — for an even simpler identification experience.
  • Follow the store: An easy way for merchants to expand and strengthen their relationship with the customer from the online store to the in-store app.
  • Lead capture with the store: Merchants can increase engagement at checkout by automatically signing up high-value shoppers and providing a personalized experience.

New One Page Checkout and Checkout Extensions

The world’s largest search, now with one page and code-free customizations

The Internet’s ever-changing search is getting easier. Shopify’s Checkout will be a by default. One-page experience Payment from the store is facilitated using all our courses. All application-based customizations work automatically with the new design, creating a fast, friction-free and high conversion rate.

We’re also bringing more extension tools to the most important step of business: making the sale. Now, instead of editing code in the checkout.liquid theme file, Shopify Plus merchants can install apps to add new checkout functionality. Checkout editor, drag-and-drop simplicity, and easy-to-use product identification tools. This makes merchant customization-safe, so they won’t miss out on new Shopify features. The result is faster, higher-converting checkouts and all customizations work seamlessly with store checkout the first time.

Recently, we’ve enabled developers to build code-free customization apps, and now we’re offering even more flexibility. Building check out applications With our library of UI components, UI extensions and branding APIs and functions. This combination—new exposure solutions with an improved Dev tool—gives merchants a powerful way to make checkout their own.

The best of the shop promise with SFN

We’re charging a consumer-facing storefront pledge badge with up to 25% better conversions for merchants using SFN.

Shop Promise Is Now Automatically Enabled For All Merchants Using Shopify'S Fluent Network.

Shop Promise is now automatically enabled for all merchants using Shopify’s Fluent Network.

Store Word is now enabled for merchants using storefronts. Shopify Fulfillment Network (SFN), allows them to communicate easily, quickly, reliably deliver to customers and achieve up to 25% higher conversion rates. We’ve also enhanced our configurable port-to-port offering to help merchants of all sizes get the ultimate benefits of Shop Hope coverage, including:

  • A New Flexport app For an improved self-service ocean cargo booking experience and direct integration with the SFN app, traders can track cargo and provide complete inventory of their cargo from Chinese ports to the US.
  • Integrated SFN and supply network for data-driven inventory distribution, bringing inventory closer to buyer demand
  • Advanced returns function and new Loop returns Integration means merchants can now offer faster exchanges and credits.

In addition to these new releases that are launched by us Winter ’23 editionOver the past six months, we’ve been rolling out over 100 updates to Shopify’s entire platform:

  • Shopify Markets Proour native merchant-of-record solution is powered by our partnership with Global-e, which makes it easy for Shopify merchants to expand their businesses to 150+ countries worldwide overnight.
  • Go to POS, powerful new hardware to deliver world-class IRL shopping experiences. POS Go enables merchants to meet and shop with consumers from anywhere – from checkout to checkout.
  • Buy affiliatesa tool for creators to easily find and partner with Shopify’s millions of merchants and enable merchants to discover and manage their relationships with creators and engage with high-impact audiences.

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