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City says 7,000 summer jobs are available for Boston youth ages 14 to 18

Sherburn – Sherburn City Council met on Monday evening. A new deputy writer, who has been interning with a retired writer, Erin Schlapoff, is introduced. Andrea Oelsner

You’re working at town hall this week.

The official’s report included a list from Police Chief Jochim about violations of the law in which property owners were advised to clean up the items. This list has been running for over a year. They hope to work closely with Sherburn and

We welcome communities during their cleanup days this year. They have an application for a part-time job in progress. Welcome/Sherburn officers have accepted Police Commission contracts.

The City Works employee reported that the Jetter truck looked fine when he and the Trimont City Works employee checked it out. They suggested buying the truck for $195,000 and trading in the old truck for $25,000 to $30,000. Equipment for blasting water into lines and a hydro rig kit would be required to add to the truck for hundreds. A combined power agreement between Sherburn, Welcome, Trimont and Dunnell provides each

The community is an opportunity to use the truck and return it to the garage. There is a checklist for staff to use before and after use and this helps to list any problems found during its use.

Sherborne is taking the streets by storm this week. The sewage treatment plant under construction is equipped with the new filtering device. The staff will be trained in the new UV process to kill bacteria.

The payload needs some attention with the transmission once it is no longer needed for snow removal.

The elevator in the community building has been inspected and will need to be repaired or removed. The city will receive offers for both options. The city prepares a list of potholes in the city and will try to fill them in as needed.

There have been some street delaminators such as peelings from pressure not done properly in the past. When the streets were milled, the council requested that the level be brought down to pressure level and ensured that it was done properly so that a new flattened

Do not peel off.

Council reports mentioned the stench from Truck Wash recently. Owners have reported the problem to City and Truck Wash. The pond is not getting enough oxygen and there is a dairy protein they will add similar to a mountain lake. With winter receding, this should eliminate the cause of the odor.

In other news:

– Donations of REA Radios to the Fire Department are accepted with thanks.

– The Personnel Policy has been approved with some grammatical changes and minor changes around definitions and names suggested by City Attorney Burrows.

– A decision to apply for a USDA loan has been approved by the auditor.

– The city will screen companies that may remove elm trees that have ash pit problems.

The next meeting of Sherborne City Council is scheduled for 5pm on 1 May at Sherborne City Hall.

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