Salesforce has increased prices for the first time in 7 years.


Longtime Slashdot reader Amalgam shared a report from the CRM level: Salesforce, a leading provider of customer relationship management software; announced As of August, it will implement price increases for certain cloud and marketing tools. The company’s decision to raise prices, The first in seven yearsThe stock has gained positive market response About 4% During the early trading on Tuesday.

This move by Salesforce is in line with a current trend among technology companies, including Salesforce itself, to invest in generative artificial intelligence (AI) and incorporate it into their products and services. Salesforce has committed more than $20 billion to research and development efforts over the past seven years to enhance its software capabilities. These investments have led to the introduction of new features, particularly generative AI tools, aimed at delivering enhanced value to customers. The revised prices apply to various Salesforce products, including Tableau, Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, Marketing Cloud and Industries. Both new and existing customers will be subject to price adjustments, ensuring consistency across customer bases. Salesforce detailed the new price increase in a statement: “New pricing will take effect globally in August 2023 for new customers and existing customers purchasing a new cloud. The new list prices will be $80 ($5) for the Professional edition, $5 for the Enterprise edition. $165 (over $15) and the Unlimited Edition at $330 (over $30). These editions are priced against other currencies. Similar price increases will apply to Industries, Marketing Cloud Hosting and Account Engagement, CRM Analytics and Tableau.

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