Russell Crowe got one of his first acting jobs during a school trip

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wrestler a star Russell Crowe Share a surprising story behind one of his first acting roles. The Academy Award-winning actor has been a part of major Hollywood productions for decades, originally starting on Australian television. In addition to participating in projects such as Spy ForceAnd Rafferty rulesAnd NeighbourHe also played a potentially agitated patient in a 1977 episode of the medical soap young doctors.

Crowe recently appeared in A.J Vanity Fair A video that breaks down some of the key moments in his career, including his roles in beautiful Mind And Thor: Love and Thunder. the Exorcist Pope Star so that bit out that part young doctors, which he did during a school field trip to a television studio. Actor Roy Harris-Jones recognized Crowe while visiting the set and brought him to meet a casting agent. Crow saidI He missed the entire tourBut he ended up having the gig. Read the full quote below:

I think I was about 12 when I did The Young Doctors. It was a school tour… I went to the TV studio and there was an actor I had known since I was younger. His name was Roy Harris Jones and he said to me, “Are you here for the casting?” And I said, “No, I’m just with the school group.” He said, “Okay, let them do it, come on, I’ll introduce you to the casting agent.” And I ended up sitting there with the casting agent, I missed the whole run, but I had a really nice conversation and ended up getting the job.

Australian television is a testing ground for major talents

Russell Crowe In The Young Doctors

While Crowe’s story about getting the role from a field trip is unique, there is one aspect of his story that is more common. Many contemporary international stars have had early roles in Australian soap operas. While this did not happen often with young doctorswhich happens frequently with soap Neighbourwhich comes from the executive producer himself, Reg Watson.

Neighbour, which follows the lives of the residents of a cul-de-sac in Ramsay Street, has been running since 1985. In nearly 9,000 episodes, the series featured many stars who later rose to huge headlines. These stars include Margot Robbie, Ben Mendelsohn and Crowe’s future Thor: Love and Thunder Co-star Chris Hemsworth.

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Other Australian soaps have contributed huge stars as well, including Back and forth, which featured Naomi Watts, Guy Pearce, and Isla Fisher. Chris Hemsworth also appeared in 194 episodes of that series over several years. Russell Crowe Maybe it’s over young doctors As a coincidence, but his eventual rise to fame is no surprise.

source: Vanity Fair