Rhode Island school districts score in a new report, English proficiency dismal

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The Rhode Island Department of Education has released its first-ever accountability report in the region, highlighting key difficulties across the state with English language proficiency and slow recovery from learning loss caused by the pandemic.

The Local Education Agency Accountability Report—required by a state’s Education Accountability Act of 2019—provides scores on a range of matters, including student performance, graduation rates, and school quality. Districts and charter schools are evaluated. Here’s what’s in the report:

Which regions have the lowest and highest scores?

Among the counties with the lowest scores are Central Falls, Newport, Providence and Pawtucket, all of which lack in multiple areas including English language proficiency and graduation and achievement rates, which are measured using SATs, Rhode Island’s Comprehensive Assessment System and other tests.

Barrington was the highest rated area on most criteria.

Inscription On The Window Of The Rhode Island Department Of Education Offices On Westminster Street, Providence.

Thirty-one counties and charters receive poor English language proficiency scores

In general, the level of English language proficiency among multilingual learners was startlingly low. Only one district, Barrington, had a high aptitude score, while RISE Prep Mayoral Academy and SouthSide Charter School were the only two documents with a high score.