Results of the April 12 meeting of the Newtown-Harris Board of Education

Goff Justice announces a $20 million expansion of nursing education programs

The Newtown-Harris R-3 Board of Education approved on April 12 the calendar for the upcoming school year.

Superintendent Dr. Matt Copeland has informed that the teachers’ first day will be August 15th, and the students’ first day will be August 22nd. The last day of school for students will be May 17, 2024, and the last day for teachers will be May 21, 2024.

Copeland gave the staff two options for the calendar, and the approved one was the calendar that was determined to be the favourite.

The Board approved Virtual Coursework for the Launch Program, Saint Joseph Virtual Academy, and Acellus PowerHomeSchool. It has been noted that the platforms provide students with greater flexibility and increased course offerings.

Copeland spoke with Grundy County R-5 and Princeton about partnerships and collaborations for the upcoming school year and worked with Grundy R-5 on an athletic collaboration agreement. The co-op agreement is identical to last year’s, but featured an increased number of ball games in Newtown for Senior Night and Homecoming. The addition of cross country and flags is planned as activities, and the music and band partnership is set to expand into the next school year.

Newtown-Harris is finalizing plans for the summer school. Temporary plans include 12 days and are the same as last year. It will be from June 6th to June 23rd. You will work five hours a day, four days a week, for three weeks.

Approved employment is a priority for the programme. Final summer school options will be presented to the Board in May.

A Missouri Propane Safety Commission inspector came this week and checked the propane system in the area, and no problems were mentioned. A formal evaluation will be provided in the next month. The inspector highlighted the area gas range in the kitchen as a quality fixture.

Copeland was working on a proposal request to go to the county banks. He plans to get the results back by the next board meeting, so the board can agree and move on to the best institution for the area’s money.

Funds will be transferred to the Missouri Capital Asset Asset Treasury. The current liquid rate is 4.72%.

Success Ready Network Collaborative Network Zone implementation completed. This would allow Newtown-Harris to be considered for Missouri’s evaluation program and an end-of-course exemption in the works statewide. The waiver would allow districts to plan assessments that would replace the current system while allowing for greater flexibility in evaluating students.

The ultimate goal is to work towards competency-based education through district standards. The Success Ready Network Collaborative provides training and resources to counties.

Newtown Harris received an Immediate Response Services grant in the amount of $23,555. Funds can be set aside for counseling and mental health concerns.

The district also received more than $8,000 in school nursing supplies from a Department of Health and Senior Services award. Copeland and Secretary Lori Tucker were scheduled to meet with someone from the Department of Homeland Security this week to plan the next steps and uses of the grant money.

The district has applied for a safety grant of up to $50,000 in safety improvements. Funds were allocated to improve entry and access doors and to improve cameras for surveillance. Final approval April 27.

The district honored outgoing board member Jenny Falkner for her service to the district. The council gave her a Newtown-Harris sweater as a gift.

Dustin Lewis has been added as a new board member.

End of year dates announced. They include EOC and MAP exam in the first two weeks of May. The Spring Gala will be held on May 5th. An art and seniors party will be held on the last day on May 12th. Graduation is May 19th.

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