Remote work is making Americans less productive, official data shows


brand new Data (PDF) According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, one-third will work from home in 2022, up from a quarter, or 25%, in 2019. The survey found that Americans work full-time from home. He worked 2.5 hours less per day than Americans in the office.. Barron’s Reports: Overall, the total civilian population worked an average of 3.23 hours per day in 2022, down from 3.26 hours in 2019. America’s 1% are lazy. That number, given by the BLS, is the total population. Remember, children do not work. […] What Americans were doing when they weren’t working, watching TV was quiet, socializing was down, and gaming was up.
“Although economics is complicated,” writes Baron Al Root, “labor productivity is the primary basis for economic profit.” “The economy is measured in dollars, but the dollar is only a unit of account. The greater the output of the worker, the better the standard of living.”

“Incredibly, going back to work is like an economic stimulus package. If people went back to the office in 2019 and worked 8.2 hours a day instead of 5.7 hours a day at home, the economy would now have added approximately 800 million weeks of work, an 8% increase.”

“The findings give management teams some momentum to bring employees back to the office,” Root added.

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