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City says 7,000 summer jobs are available for Boston youth ages 14 to 18

Volk Furs Garrett Volk

Photo provided Garrett Volk, left, with his daughter Brill, is the owner and operator of Volk Furs in Sherwood.

The Renville County Job Development Authority (RCJDA) was created to address issues critical to economic development and diversification within Renville County.

The primary purpose of the authority is to create new jobs, preserve existing jobs, broaden the local tax base, increase capital investment, and expand the primary sector and financial base of the region. It provides financial incentives through interest-free loans and grants to businesses that want to start, expand, or relocate to Renville County.

RCJDA has helped with many startups and expansions over the years. The county has grown from the participation and dedication of local people who choose to reinvest and volunteer their skills and talents. By encouraging a supportive business environment, this in turn strengthens not only the entire community, but the entire province.

RCJDA understands that community development is not just growth and our existing small business is the heart of the healthy city. RJCDA will strive to continue to see local businesses succeed, prosper and prosper.

Smooth DalS Studio is owned and operated by Kelsey Steeves and is located in Mohal. Steeves is certified in all types of waxing and is also trained in eyebrow lamination and other eyebrow/lash services. Steeves is very passionate about her products and services and makes sure that her clients feel comfortable during their entire appointments. Her bubbly and infectious personality will do just that. Steeves is also in the process of adding products to sell. Be sure to check out their sugar scrub. Having a niche business in a small town like this one has been a huge advantage to the community and county.

Volk Furs in Sherwood is owned and operated by Garrett Volk. Volk is an outdoorsman for life and was soon drawn to trapping animals for wild fur. He spent many years learning the fur industry before founding his business. The business specializes in procuring wild furs from hunters and fishermen. This includes coyote, fox, raccoon, muskrat, mink and beaver fur. Volk has also expanded his business and offers products made from a wide variety of furs, such as blankets, mittens, headbands, pill hats, and Davy Crockett hats. Be sure to check out his podcast on Libsyn and Spotify.

The RCJDA is excited to support these two companies in pursuing their dreams of becoming small business owners.

Since 2000, the RCJDA has provided $520,000 in interest-free loans to businesses within Renville County. It also awarded $173,000 in grants to various businesses and projects within the county.

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