President Joe Biden speaks about jobs and clean energy in Fridley

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FRIDLEY, Minn. — President Joe Biden paid a visit to Fridley Monday afternoon as part of his ongoing nationwide “Invest in America” ​​tour.

Biden talked about job growth and investment nationwide while driving clean energy and manufacturing in the United States, and discussed his administration’s work in passing legislation such as the American Rescue Plan, the Inflation Reduction Act, the CHIPS Act and science.

Biden visited the Cummins power plant after it was announced last fall that the plant would begin making electrolyzers in the United States for the first time, devices that use electricity to split water into hydrogen and oxygen to produce clean hydrogen, according to the US Department of Energy. .

The company announced to coincide with the Democratic president’s visit that it is investing more than $1 billion in its US engine-making network in Indiana, North Carolina and New York to upgrade facilities so they can produce low-to-zero-carbon engines.

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The Biden administration is looking for ways to compare its agenda and A proposed budget includes $2.6 trillion in new spending as Republicans plan for spending and economic growth. Republicans rejected Biden Budget but has not yet revealed a counter offer to the Democrats’ blueprint, which is built around raising taxes on the wealthy and a vision statement of sorts for Biden’s yet-to-be-announced 2024 campaign.

Other members of the Biden administration are traveling to more than 20 states this week to support his message. For example, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen visited Connecticut on Monday for a talk at Yale University about the economic agenda. While the president criticized Trump’s 2017 tax cuts for raising the deficit, Yellen criticized them for failing to boost growth.

Trump’s signature achievement, the Treasury secretary said, “has not been very successful, even in boosting investment spending and growth.” What the cuts did, instead, is tilt the tax code in favor of those with high degrees of wealth, according to Lellen.

She said: “If you took something like the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act of 2017, that might have had some marginal effect on boosting private investment — and it’s not clear that it did. The tax is much less fair.”

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First Lady Jill Biden also traveled on Monday, as she was in Colorado to promote Biden’s efforts to boost job training at community colleges. FLOTUS has more stops planned this week, too, including in Maine and Vermont. Her plans to visit Michigan later on Monday were delayed due to a plane problem.

President Biden’s trip follows Vice President Kamala Harris’ visit to Minnesota in February when she discussed electric vehicles and the future of transportation at a Transit bus plant in St. Cloud.

Prior to Biden’s arrival, the Minnesota Republican Party issued this statement:

“The policies of President Biden and the economic and fiscal policies of the Democrats have been a disaster for our state and our country. Their wasteful and reckless tax and spending have sent inflation soaring more than four percent and real wages down for nearly two years in a row. The president should not travel the country to celebrate. He should He apologizes for making it difficult for families to save for college or retirement, pay bills, start a business, or even buy the things they need every day like groceries and gas. Minnesotans will see through it and Republicans will make an aggressive case to hold Biden and the Democrats accountable.”

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