Point/Ark Education Center’s full-day craft fair fundraiser is a special project for Susan Carter

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Written by Andy Foreman
NKyTribune reporter

It’s the first.

Susan Carter – So Point/Arc.

The Point/Arc is hosting a daylong craft fair fundraiser, Saturday, April 29 – noon-5pm at ZEC – The Point/Arc’s Zembrodt Education Center (104 W. Pike St.).

“I wanted to experience total creativity and at the same time benefit The Point/Arc and its mission,” said Carter, who serves as a coach at Point/Arc’s ZEC.

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Susan Carter

So why display the character?

“In the field of teaching, one has to think outside the box,” she said. This also includes parenting. You must take lemons to make lemonade.”

Carter knows.

She taught for 40 years in the Kenton County School System – her last stop was at Simon Kenton High School.

She said, “I retired eight years ago, and decided to get out of my comfort zone.”

Coaches at ZEC are using every resource available, Carter said.

She added, “Every school year, teachers will encounter different groups of people with different personalities. You have to adapt.”

she has.

Carter teaches five days a week at ZEC – two different classes.

“One is a pre-apprenticeship class,” she said, “I’m with them two days a week.”

For three days, you run a career exploration group.

“They’re young people in the world of work,” Carter said. “Basically, we would give each of them a range of jobs that they could choose — and educate them about what they would like to do.”

What Susan Carter loves to do is teach, mentor, and think outside the box.

Enter the first letter gallery for all seasons.

“What I really want to do,” Ft. One Mitchell resident said, “Have the community involved in the ZEC mission.”

The Zembrodt Education Center (ZEC) was created to give people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (I/DD) opportunities to reach their highest educational, residential, social and vocational potential.

An extension of The Point/Arc, ZEC strives to increase growth and support for individuals and families in the greater Cincinnati area.

“We plan for many local artisans, who want to support our mission, to come,” Carter said. “I am amazed at the support they have provided so far with our people with special needs.”

Craftsman tables were available for $30, Carter said. “And the artisans receive all the revenue from their sales,” said Carter, a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University.

Patrons are asked to purchase a table and also donate one item to be checked out.

The tables are 10 by 10 feet, Carter said, and the cost is ten dollars a table.

“$30 for the space,” Carter said, “and the extra 10 for the table.

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Carter, who has a master’s degree in both reading and special education at Northern Kentucky University, said the entire event benefits ZEC.

Point/Arc fills service gaps for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities from ages 4 to 80. The education and employment program includes career exploration, pre-vocational skills, social networking and team building.

The ZEC Center for The Point/Arc allows for the addition of career exploration and team building

“We strive to help all of our people become contributing members of our community. Through mentoring and support, our people’s talents are nurtured as they shape their future and prepared for a life of independence, pride, and confidence as they live their lives and explore their dreams,” said Judy Gerding, Founder and President of The Point/Arc.

“The Dr. Anthony and Geraldine Zimbrot Education Center allows us to continue this mission and more than double the number of individuals we currently serve.”

The Point/Arc, founded in 1972, will celebrate its 50th year of service in 2022.

Susan Carter’s passion helps the mission.

She said: “In 40 years of teaching, this has been the most satisfying teaching
The position I’ve ever had – with software as well as support.”